An Australian Souvenir You Won't Get Bored Of

After a memorable trip to another country or city, every traveller would want to keep a memento to remember it by. However, the usual cheap souvenirs such as key chains, magnets and mugs eventually lose their magic because they are so mass produced and over-done that they just end up at the bottom of your drawer somewhere. Do you want a souvenir that you won’t get bored of? If you want something to remember your Sydney trip that is unique, of quality and that can actually last, we have just the souvenir for you.

Lladró’s Sydney Lithophane is exclusive to our Sydney Boutique. A rechargeable LED lithophane that emits light through the matt white translucent porcelain and the engravings on the porcelain of the Sydney skyline come to life. All the iconic landmarks you can think of that Sydney is so well known for are featured; the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanical Gardens, Manly Ferry, and Sydney Tower, all floating on the Sydney Harbour. Just charge this cordless lamp and you’re good to go with no worries and fuss of wires. The lithophane comes with a 1 meter long cable that you can use to charge the removable LED light.

The first lithophanes date back to the 1820s. Derived from the Greek word “lithos”, which means stone and “phainein” which means to appear. Together they form a meaning “to appear in stone” with a three-dimensional image.

It is an elegant yet functional souvenir that you can also decorate your home with and you will always be reminded of the fond travel memories from your trip every time you walk past it.

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