Ballerina Figurines: Bring the Art of Dance into Your Home

Ballet is enjoyed by people of all ages as an artistic form of dance whether it be practiced and performed or simply watched and admired as a form of entertainment.

Lladró makes ballerinas figurines that show off their beautiful form, with accurate details such as their expression and hand positions.

Emerging around the 15th Century in the Italian Renaissance courts, the term ‘ballet’ is derived from the Italian word ‘ballare’ which translates ‘to dance’. It evolved into a concert dance in France in the 17th Century then embraced by the Russians in the mid-18th Century.

To many people, ballet is their life. They live, breathe and sleep ballet. It is requires precision, perfection and focus. In order to achieve that, ballerinas devote hours and hours of their day and many years of their lives to the art form, yet they make it look so effortless and graceful on stage. It is a dance that is so beautiful to watch but ballerinas go through a lot of pain and strain to their bodies to perform those movements and positions with absolute grace and poise. It is certainly a dance form that is more than meets the eye. Here are some of Lladrós ballet pieces that you can put in your home, give to a friend, a daughter or spouse to show your appreciation for the dance form.

Lladró’s Little Ballerina I Girl Figurine can be seen on the living room’s bookshelf. (Source: Pufik Homes)

You can see how this small home in Moscow displays their love for the ballet. Many of Lladró’s ballet pieces can be seen in this home that was featured in Pufik Homes. The contemporary style of the bold colourful furniture and saturated blue wall juxtaposes the several classic Lladró pieces that are sprinkles throughout the home go so harmoniously together.

Old and new. Retired pieces are also seen in the colourful home. (Source: Pufik Homes)


Lladró's Little Ballerina I Girl Figurine (left), & Our Ballet Pose Dancers Sculpture (right) - a matt finish porcelain figurine of three dancers with tutus and tip slippers decorated in a soft pink color.


Lladró's Opening Night Girl Ballet Sculpture. A dancer sitting on a chair with a tutu dress decorated with tulle and a delicate flower embellishment in her hair.


Lladró's Giselle Reverence Ballet Figurine (left) retired in 2021, & Giselle Arabesque Ballet Figurine (right).



Lladró's Contemporary Dancer Woman Figurine, a modern approach to both ballet and sculptural form.


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