Candid Spaces: Lladró's NightBloom Pendant Lamp in Aquel Boutique

Lighting choices can make or break a space’s design and mood. In today’s Candid Spaces we look at how Lladró's NightBloom pendant lamp is used in the newly renovated Aquel Boutique in Woollahra in Sydney to add a focal point in the space and diffuse the light beautifully.

Lladró's NightBloom Hanging Lamp 60cm White in the front room facing Queen Street. Photo by Prue Ruscoe

Queen Street in Woollahra houses picturesque little boutiques, a little shopping village with heritage architecture amongst its leafy streets. Aquel boutique offers a hand selected collection of the newest fashion for women with discerning taste with their personalised shopping service. Their design vision for their new boutique was nearly complete, but they were looking for a lamp to bring warmth into their space.

Watch the video below, with a snippet narrated by Michelle Macarounas from Infinite Design who selected the lamp for Aquel boutique (watch from 9.20 onwards if you are pressed for time).

Why they picked Lladró's NightBloom Hanging Lamp:

  1. Aquel boutique’s logo is the peony flower with open petals. The NightBloom pendant lamp is an abstract take of a flower, designed by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders was inspired by Lladró's handmade flowers.
  2. As Woollahra is a heritage street, the NightBloom is a good choice as it is modern yet classical. Anything too traditional or classical would be easily old fashioned and other modern designer lightings are too industrial for the space. It is simple yet impactful.
  3. As Aquel boutique is mostly frequented by women, the NightBloom’s natural and organic curves add warmth to the space, enhanced by its hand engraved lines.
  4. The integrated LEDs of the NightBloom makes it suitable for commercial spaces. It’s dimmable and requires close to no maintenance, as LEDs have a long life of up to 50,000 hours. Aquel keeps the lamp on 18 hours a day.
  5. The award-winning lamp diffuses the light beautifully, as the white matt porcelain creates a soft glow and subtle shadows, creating a cozy ambience.

If you are unsure about your options for lamps, do speak to our team as Lladró can also customise lamps to your space and needs. Discover our comprehensive guide to Lladró’s Porcelain Chandeliers.

Owner of Aquel Boutique, Linda Cox in her newly renovated boutique. Photo by Prue Ruscoe


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