Candid Spaces: Lladró's The Guest at Home

The beauty of Lladró’s The Guest Series is found not just from their unique design that is reminiscent of pop culture icons, but also, the way they are not quite human nor animal, are gender neutral and is recognisable, yet minimal in style.

We’ve curated a selection of real homes featuring Lladró’s The Guest, just to show you how to style it, although we’re sure you’re bound to come up with more!

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Lladró's Large White The Guest against artworks by Derrick Adams in Architect Chet Callahan’s home. Image Source: Trevor Tondro for Architectural Digest.
Image Source: Trevor Tondro for Architectural Digest.

Jamie Hayon’s playful and innovative designs speak volumes of the impact simplicity can have. In a space, these figurines can be placed together or separately across a room in order to accentuate the mood of a space. Read more about The Guest Series here.

The Guest softens the space and cuts the rigid lines in this colourful workspace niche. Image Source: cozysalazar

How to Display The Guest at Home

Fortunately, styling The Guest is pretty simple, but if you do follow these tips, it would make your piece stand out more.

  1. Display it against a background with contrast colour. The simplicity of The Guest is great as you can place it pretty much anywhere and also move it around periodically to mix it up. What we find is that The Guest’s form is much more visible when placed against a background with a contrasting colour. Take a look at the image above of architect Chet Callahan’s home. The top portion of The Guest against the colourful artwork of Derrick Adams brings out its shape and form, making it more visible. In comparison, you can’t see its white base as it is set against the wall which is also white.
  2. Displayed in groups of 3 in the same colour-way. Mix and match your The Guest with other display items you have in groups of 3 for more visual interest and height variation. It’s better that these groupings are tied together with a similar colour or complementary colour-way as it would be more visually appealing, and tells a better story. For example, group one The Guest with a vase and a photo frame of the same colour.

Show off your art collection in one space.Image source: KandoEstudio

A close up of the area featuring Lladró's Small White The Guest.

From the bold and eclectic to the subdued and minimal, with The Guest, Lladró and Jamie Hayon have created a series that reinvents porcelain and adds a playful personal touch.

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