Goddess of Mercy: The Porcelain Statues of Kwan Yin

In Buddhism, Kwan Yin (also known as Guan Yin, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, Kwun Yum, Kanzeon, Gwan-eum, Kuan Eim (กวนอิม) or Quan Âm) is widely known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, and that same belief and representation is kept throughout the many localisations of the Goddess. Kwan Yin is short for KwanShiYin, which translates to “The One Who“ perceives the sounds of the world.

Kwan Yin holds up the Mudra of Patience in her right hand.

This Lladró High Porcelain limited edition rendition of Kwan Yin brings a revered goddess to life. The Goddess is decorated with in calming and healing hues of green, yellow and mauve and the finishing touches of metallic gold and aged silver of the forest flowers. It’s the first time the brand has used aged silver for flowers, and that makes this piece extra special.

In her left hand she holds a water vase (the Sacred Vase is one of the Eight Buddhist Symbols of Good Fortune), containing pure water, the divine nectar of life, and in that vase, a willow branch used to sprinkle the divine nectar of life to bless devotees with physical and spiritual peace. The willow is also used for medicinal purposes and rituals. Another lesser known deep symbolism of the willow branch is that it is pliable, and that represents devotees being able to adapt and not to break.

In her right hand, she forms the Mudra of Patience, a practice she embodies herself and teaches to her devotees. She sits in crossed legged amongst lotus flowers with a peaceful, soft expression on her face. The Lladró team researched and consulted numerous Buddhism experts and devotees to ensure that even the slightest symbolisms and down to the slight forward tilt of her head is executed perfectly as well as artistically expressive of the brand’s delicate art. Kwan Yin is a limited edition piece of 888 pieces, and each piece is numbered and signed.

The Kwan Yin was sold for 11x its price just recently in an auction in November 2019, click here to read more.

The smaller all white Kwan Yin also comes with a wooden platform (as pictured) and was retired in 2021.
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