Greyhounds: Appreciating These Delicate Creatures

Greyhounds are known for their elegant stance and graceful beauty. They’ve been seen in paintings for centuries as faithful companions next to royalty.

However the painful truth is that thousands that are born and bred will never get to experience a meaningful connection with a human companion. Greyhounds are the fastest canines and one of the fastest mammals in the world. Due to this fact, they are bred and used for greyhound racing in the gambling world.

However not all greyhounds are natural born racers. In fact, greyhounds are naturally playful, affectionate and gentle, making them the perfect loving pet but not the characteristics greyhound racing breeders are looking for so thousands are bred just to find the few that are champion racers and those who don’t make the cut are sadly put down.

These beautiful dogs are not getting enough praise for being the gentle creatures that they are and instead they are used and abused because of greed. The true colours of greyhounds that are sometimes forgotten should be brought to light.

Greyhounds are amazing companions. Generally greyhounds are known to be sensitive, gentle and affectionate. Contrary to their tall and elegant appearance, they are really just softies.

They are the perfect indoor dogs. Though they are considered to be the fastest dogs in the world, they aren’t as active as most dogs. They don’t require as much exercise as even small dogs and they are actually lazy couch potatoes! They’d much prefer conserving their energy to dart around the park by sleeping or by curling up on the couch next to you while you watch TV. Their coats are pretty thin so they don’t shed as much but that also means they have to sleep inside because they can’t be in extreme cold or heat. They don’t bark much and are fairly quiet dogs so they are ideal for apartment living.

Unfortunately, many greyhounds experience a lot of trauma from their racing career so retired racing dogs may have a little more trouble adapting to home life at first. But with they need to be given a chance to experience life as every dog should, they just need a little patience and a lot of love to open up. Hopefully, as the greyhound racing industry declines, people see greyhounds as the incredible dogs that they are.

Lladró’s Attentive Greyhound Sculpture & Lladró’s Pensive Greyhound Sculpture

Lladró shows their appreciation to these elegant and under appreciated dogs with these glossy and delicately coloured porcelain pieces of a greyhound in a pensive pose and another one in a attentive pose.

Lladró’s Attentive Greyhound Table Lamp & Pensive Greyhound Table Lamp

Light up any space with these matt black greyhound table lamps. They can be a statement piece on their own or paired together as a mismatched set.

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