Is It Crazy to Have a Chandelier Shaped Like A Blimp? Launching Lladró’s Soft Blown Collection

The work of some designers are instantly recognisable. But for some, it is much more subtle. Luca Nichetto, is an esteemed Italian designer of the latter group. 

Luca Nichetto of Nichetto Studio (right)

As we introduce Lladró’s new lighting collection, Soft Blown, a lighting collection designed by Nichetto Studio, we dive into Luca’s own design philosophy and what he brings to the collaboration with Lladró. 

Nichetto approaches his work with a focus on experimentation with materials and production processes. In contrast to designers who prioritise personal expression or the development of a signature style, Nichettos design philosophy is based around exceeding the boundaries of what's possible in terms of materials and manufacturing techniques which often results in the expansion of language in that particular material.

By experimenting with materials, he challenges preconceived notions of what objects should look like or how they should be made. This approach allows him to create unique and unexpected pieces that capture attention and provoke thought. He sees his role as a  designer as that of a facilitator, bringing together ideas, materials and production methods to create objects that transcend conventional design norms. 

After he graduated in Industrial Design from  University Institute of Architecture, he subsequently worked with various design studios including Foscarini and Salviati, before establishing his own studio in 2006 called Nichetto Studio. With a focus on furniture, lighting and product design, Nichetto Studio has crafted a distinctive aesthetic characterised by a harmonious blend of functionality, craftsmanship, and artistic sensibility.


The Soft Blown collection is the result of the expertise of Nichetto Studio with the timeless craftsmanship of Lladró's porcelain lighting. The unique collection which launched at Milan Design Week 2023, debuted two pieces - the Airbloom Table Lamp & the Afloat Chandelier

Nichetto brings a captivating and transformative touch to the Soft Blown Collection with Lladró, infusing it with his visionary expertise.

By defying conventions and embracing unconventional forms, Nichetto’s design challenges viewers to reconsider their preconceived notions of design. What’s the first thing you think of with porcelain? Its heavy, breakable and to juxtapose that assumption, Nichetto took inspiration from blimps, inflatables and balloons, to create the shape of the Afloat Chandelier and Airbloom Table Lamp. The design of the lamp isn’t limited to preconceived notions of what the material can achieve. 

This serves as a testament to Nichetto’s ability to design thought provoking products. Nichetto has managed to strip away the burden of weight traditionally associated with the material of porcelain, whilst retaining the warm light and aesthetic that porcelain delivers like no other material can. It’s as if the porcelain has been rid of its earthly constraints and taken flight, floating effortlessly in the ethereal realm of imagination.

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