Lladró's Sun Path Monk: The Reminder of Spiritual Enlightenment

Whilst Lladró is known for their delicate see-through lace umbrellas, there are many other that are rare examples of their expertise in making umbrellas.

Lladró’s Sun Path Monk is designed by in-house sculptor José Santaeulalia. This style of sculpture is a bridge between what José does well, which is making classical figurines with soft expressions, matched with new styles that he is experimenting with - using matt porcelain, new colours and a modern touch. Click here to read more about José Santaeulalia.

The young monk holds an umbrella, made in porcelain and crafted to resemble the Chinese oil-paper umbrella which was common in China 1000 years ago. Finished in wine-red and earth tones, the monk has a serene expression on his face, expressing the calmness associated with spirituality. Learn more about gres porcelain.

His umbrella is secured in place only with two points, on his shoulder and hands, showing off the quality of Lladró’s design and technical capabilities. The umbrella unscrews for safe storage and for secure transportation and delivery of this piece.

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