Love Birds: What Do They Really Symbolise?

No animal represents the sentiment of love more than love birds. This symbolism dates back to the Middle Ages, as it is commonly known that a pair of birds symbolises true love.


Lladró’s Couple Doves Figurine (left) & Lladró’s Love Nest Doves Figurine (right).

In Greek mythology, the dove is associated with Aphrodite/Venus. She is always depicted with doves in paintings and scripture, cementing that association with love and monogamy. Male doves help mother doves care for their young, and people are inspired by that devotion and act of love. The folklore runs deep, with many love options in medieval times including a heart of a dove.

Lladró’s Doves on a Cherry Tree Figurine


An estimated 2,750 cranes are left in the wild, and they are classed as an endangered species. Known fondly as “Tancho“, the Japanese Crane is a symbol of fidelity, love and long life. The Japanese Crane is known for having long life and they mate and partner up for life, although they continue to flirt and woo with elaborate dancing and cooing rituals.

In Japanese culture, the Japanese Crane have been used on samurai crests and are even on the logo of the national airline JAL. It was also popularised after World War 2 when origami paper cranes are made as a symbol of peace and harmony.

This pair of courting cranes are a great gift for anniversaries or weddings. Crane sculptures are popular choices for the symbol of love and the longevity of a marriage.

Lladró’s Courting Cranes Sculpture (left) & Lladró’s Crane Dome LED Table Lamp (right).


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