Marking Parenthood: Lladró's Capture of Life's Biggest Milestones

One of the most special moments in a parent’s life is cradling their newborn in their arms and watching a new life blossom. All too fast children are grown up and off living their own lives and it can feel like only a minute ago you were watching them take their first steps or holding them for the first time. What better way is there to mark these moments and truly capture the vulnerability and love shown than with one of Lladró’s parenthood figurines?

There are few things more precious than a mother’s love or a father’s devotion and to properly portray that love and devotion is no easy task. Lladró’s expert sculptors manage to beautifully communicate and express the unconditional love and tenderness between a parent and a child. Take the Essence of Life Family Figurine which perfectly exemplifies Lladró’s attention to detail and their understanding of how precious the first moments of a child’s life is. Lladró captures the essence of parenthood in a way that very few brands do, with a certain simplicity and openness that allows the moment to speak for itself.

Essence of Life Family Figurine notice the attention to detail particularly in the hands and face.


Paternal Protection Figurine

The desire to draw your child close and keep them safe and sound, to hold onto the small moments of peace and tenderness is a feeling many parents can relate to. Pictures can fade, age or be easily damaged but part of the beauty of porcelain is that it will last for as long as it is well looked after and it will not fade in the sun over time. Read more about porcelain and colour here. It is important to treasure these moments both in yours and in your child’s life as these moments can be ephemeral and precious. Lladró’s Paternal Protection Figurine embodies all the warmth, devotion and adoration that we associate with fatherhood and what it means to be a father. In a piece that is unabashedly open and tender Lladró presents a heartwarming moment between father and child that is wholly unique.

Penguin Love Figurine

The magic of parenthood isn’t only designated to Lladró’s classic and matt white human figurines. The brand is able to capture such a unique life and feeling in their animal figurines which still retain much of the love we identify with parental affection. The Penguin Love Figurine projects a real sense of love and adoration between both adult penguin and chick whilst maintaining a that particular simplicity that focuses in on the emotion in the piece which Lladró is so well known for. Like with the Penguin Love Figurine, the Elephants Walking Figurine brings an animated quality to the pieces that really allows the viewer to connect with the piece and gives a real feeling of nurture and protection.

Elephants Walking Figurine

Lladró’s range of family centred figurines is extensive and are popular as many can see themselves and their lives in the pieces that the brand creates. This extends not only to the figurines but to the range of gifts for children to hold onto through their life. Like their range of baby boxes that will remain useful and adorable for their changing needs and have more traditional option or a more gender neutral option as well. Read more about Lladró’s range of baby gifts ideas here.

Pink and Blue Baby Box (left), & Winter Lee Box and Winter Lane Box (Right)



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