Not Just Your Ordinary Wedding Cake Topper

Getting married is a huge milestone in your life so it is important to cherish that day and the memories that come with it. Wedding cake toppers blew up in the 1950s, and have been around ever since. They represent togetherness and are a symbol of the bride and groom’s unity. Instead of cake toppers that you would usually eventually throw away or forget about, why not get one that you can keep for a lifetime as a memento? Lladró’s wedding topper figurines are an elegant way to display a major milestone in your home and remind you of your love and the joyous occasion.

Some families have even made it a family tradition to pass down their wedding topper figurines to their kids when they get married. These days, people don’t value family heirlooms like they use to so why don’t you start new traditions of your very own by saving your cake topper figurine for the next couple in your family to get married.

Lladró’s wedding topper figurines come in a number of styles and models. They have figurines in the classic style with pastel colours that they are so well known for (Read more about Lladró’s signature pastel colours here), some of them with delicate flowers that have been crafted petal by petal and they even have something for those who prefer something a little more modern.

Instagram picture courtesy of @lladrobaku


Instagram picture courtesy of @thecaketop



Wedding in the Air
Lover's Waltz Couple Figurine
Love I Couple Collection by Committee Team
Happy Anniversary Couple Figurine with SIlver Lustre.
I Love You Truly Figurine
Endless Love Swans Figurine (Gold Lustre/ Silver Lustre / Pastel/ Cake Topper)
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