Sacred Heart: A Hopeful Oasis in Today's Storm

In the present day, we are living in turbulent times. Now when we turn on the TV, we are bombarded with reports of civil wars, famine, increase crime and natural disasters. To get through these challenging times, a hope for the future is crucial.

Lladró's rendition of the Sacred Heart of Jesus serves as a poignant symbol of hope - the hope for a life that is not limited by death but instead eternal life in paradise. The timeless craftsmanship of Lladró's representation adds a tangible dimension to the spiritual significance, inviting people to immerse themselves in the profound message of eternal love and salvation. The sculpture encapsulates the essence of Christian faith - a beacon of hope, a source of solace, and a reminder of the everlasting life that awaits those who steadfastly walk in the footsteps of the Sacred Heart. 

The Christian representation of Jesus known as the ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus’ is one that holds profound significance and power. This compelling image, often devoted to by the Catholic denomination, is laden with symbolism that transcends religious boundaries. This symbolism is seen through its various highly revered motifs -  a flaming heart shining with heavenly light, punctured by a lesion, enclosed by the crown of thorns where a cross sits on top. The crown of thorns encircling the heart of Jesus is to highlight the level of persecution and physical pain  that he endured because of his unfaltering love for humanity. This love is exemplified through his ultimate sacrifice on the cross, where he bore the sins of all of humanity, offering them the promise of everlasting life.

Lladró's Our Savior Crucifix Figurine representation of Jesus Christ depicts the full glory of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for humanity. An emblem of hope. 

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is so deeply ingrained in Christian tradition that it finds a special place on the liturgical calendar, celebrated 19 days after Pentecost, on a Friday. For those who consistently venerate the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a set of 12 promises awaits, a testament to their unwavering faithfulness. These promises encompass blessings of peace within their homes, abundant divine grace and the assurance that their names are eternally inscribed in the heart of Jesus.  You may find yourself asking ‘How can I practice devotion to the Sacred Heart?’ A question you won’t regret asking.  

Your daily devotion routine may include a morning offering prayer which offers your entire day to the Sacred Heart via the immaculate Heart of Mary. In Jesus’ 9th promise to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, he states that he will “bless every place where a picture of my Heart shall be set up and honoured”. You may honour this by adorning your living space with pictures and sculptures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Additionally, participating in First Friday devotion which includes events such as mass, communion and confession, can be faith strengthening. All these acts, are internal practices that can give you a sense of  stability and grounding in a world which is frighteningly unpredictable.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, is the ultimate symbol of purity and chastity within the realm of Christianity. 


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