Spotted: A Lladró in Yoo Ah In's Luxury Home

Actor Yoo Ah In, of Punch, The Throne and Burning fame, is known for being reserved, hardly appears on reality television shows and lives a private life outside of his filming projects. For the first time ever, he’s showed viewers around his 4-storey Itaewon residence he purchased for ~USD 5 million in 2016 on the 19th June 2020 broadcast of MBC’s Home Alone show (episode 354 & 355) and a glimpse into a regular day in his life. 

Yoo In Ah shared that he put in a lot of effort to decorate the place to his liking, and has incorporated many different styles of art to juxtapose the sleek luxurious interior of his home. He is also well known as a Creative Director and Gallerist, and founded creative collective Studio Concrete in 2014 with a group of artists and they plan exhibitions, advertisements, graphic design, product design and art collaborations. He is known to be stylish and have great artistic sense that is acknowledged by industry peers.

We spotted Lladró’s Conversation Vase II by Jaime Hayon in his dining room, a modern space punctuated by art. Hayon injected his whimsical sense of art and in this piece, an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque appearance with graffiti-like sketches and doodles that gives the vase a contemporary dreamlike appearance. Four different faces decorate the vase and as you walk around the piece it gives off different moods. Jaime Hayon designed 5 different vases for Lladró - check it out here.

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