The Arabian Purebreed Horse: The Embodiment of Intelligence and Endurance

They are an icon of the desert with a lineage dating back over 4500 years. The Arabian Purebreed is one of the most popular breeds of horse in the world, being the quintessential horse for endurance racing and highly prized for its unique look, intelligence and history shrouded in myth and legend.

Lladró’s Arabian Purebreed Limited Edition Sculpture with traditional Arabian costume with gold, red and blue metallic details. Limited to only 300 pieces.

The story of the Arabian Purebreed’s creation is the subject of many myths and legends with some claiming even divine origins. One of the most well-known legends tells the story of how Muhammad chose his foundation mares. The story goes that after a long journey through the desert Muhammad finally released his herd of horses to desperately quench their thirst at a nearby oasis, however, before the horses could reach the oasis Muhammad called them back to him in a test of loyalty and courage. Only five of his mares responded to his call and despite their thirst, they faithfully returned to their master. As a result, these mares became his chosen five which he named ‘Al Kamasa’ meaning ‘the five’, the story says that these five horses went onto be the legendary founders of the five strains that make up the Arabian Purebreed bloodlines. Though the accuracy of this legend is debated, some breeders still believe that the modern Arabian Purebreed are still descended from the original five mares.

The Arabian Purebreed is one of the most identifiable horse breeds in the world, distinctive for their uniquely shaped head with a dish-shaped dip at their nose, skinny muzzle and slender frame. This order has been traditionally developed and bred by the nomadic Bedouin tribes of the Arabian desert. With selective breeding, the Bedouin people developed a horse breed able to endure long-distance rides in the hot, arid climate and be highly intelligent and alert in order to function during raids and war. The breed’s unusual build allows for better air circulation through their nasal passages a key part of temperature regulation, their lean build also means they do not carry a lot of weight, making it easier to travel for longer in the dry climate.

The Arabian Purebreed is a breed that is highly intelligent, alert and sensitive to human emotions, a necessary trait for a place that requires adaptability and wits such as the desert. The breed has long been referred to as “The Thinking Man’s Horse” as they require a rider to have a certain approach to working with the horse as part of a team in a calm and patient way by asking it to do something as opposed to simply telling the horse what to do. Arabian horses are known to be able to pick up on when a rider is frustrated or nervous by reading their body language and can even remember the last time a person rode with them.

The vibrancy and details of the saddle on the Arabian Purebreed is unequalled.

It is thought that because of their close association with humans for thousands of years, with mares often being kept inside family tents of Bedouin tribes to prevent theft that they became more attuned to human emotions than other breeds usually are and that these characteristics were encouraged by breeders during the breeding process. More than anything they are a problem-solving breed, making great companions however, because of their intelligence, they require a lot of time and effort put into building their trust.


Notice the dip of the head that makes Arabian Purebreed so recognisable.

Lladró’s Limited Edition Arabian Purebreed Sculpture is another stunningly accurate addition to their collection of anatomically accurate horses by the sculptor Ernest Massuet, made in a limited numbered edition of only 300 units. With no detail too small such as the large eyes with a heartwarming glint, or the luscious mane and tail, not to mention the breed’s iconic face shape.

A beautiful example of traditional Arabian costume on Lladró’s Arabian Purebreed Limited Edition Sculpture

The piece features the Arabian traditional costume still used to this day in exhibition and competition. Featuring Lladró’s signature golden lustre to accent and heighten the ornamentation of the saddle and reigns, this piece commands attention with the striking combination of rich blues, reds and gold in an intricate pattern on the pristine white of the horse. The Arabian Purebreed is a testament to the skill of Lladró’s sculptor Ernest Massuet, who is renowned for his precision and accuracy and his ability to bring such depth and life to his creations.

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