The Bald Eagle: A Symbol of Freedom

The Bald Eagle is known to be the national symbol for the United States of America but many other cultures from around the world have adopted the eagle as a symbol over the past decades. How are they different and what similarities do these cultures share over the symbolism of eagles?

Lladró’s Freedom Eagle Figurine (left).

Throughout history, the eagle has been used as a symbol for great empires such as Babylon, Egypt and Rome. In Native American culture, eagles are considered sacred as they are the highest flying birds and therefore seen closest to “the Creator”. They saw the eagle as a symbol for power, leadership and vision. Similarly, eagles represented salvation in early Christianity, as a symbol of hope and strength. In Islam, the eagle is seen as a flawless creation by Allah and represents warlike ferocity, nobility and dominion. The emblem on the flag of Mexico City features a eagle sitting on a cactus while devouring a serpent, which comes from the legend of the ancient Aztecs. In America, their founding fathers selected the Bald Eagle as the nations as the emblem of their nation because it represents the strength and freedom of their country.

Despite the difference in cultures and religion, may it be a coincidence that they all view eagles as a powerful and respected symbol?

Lladró’s Freedom Eagle Figurine

Lladró’s Freedom Eagle Figurine is a glossy porcelain figurine of the Bald Eagle perched on a branch with its wings spread open, asserting its freedom and dominance. This species of eagle is known for it’s white feathered head that contrasts the rest of its body, which is where it gets its name from. This sculpture is best placed at a higher view point as the Bald Eagle is looking down in protection. The different soft hues and shades of its brown feathers adds to the depth to the texture and likeness of the creature. Its piercing yellow eyes are what bring this sculpture to life. Lladró has a separate department of expert artisans that specialises in doing just that; painting expressions. The sculptors at Lladró have managed to capture the fluid and graceful motion of this Bald Eagle that’s frozen in time.

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