Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For Every Couple

Shopping for a wedding gift isn’t always easy. While many couples today have a wedding registry to help make the process easier, sometimes you want to think outside the box and get something more unique. There’s also the issue of finding a balance between giving too much or too little. But the perfect gift doesn’t need to be extravagant, it just needs to be from the heart.

I Love You Truly Couple Figurine

For the couple with a more classical style, Lladró has a wide variety of couple figurines. Wedding day couples such as I Love You Truly and The Happiest Day will provide an elegant lasting reminder of the joy of the wedding day. If given before the day of the wedding they can even be used as cake toppers!

Riding With You Couple Figurine

There are also many less wedding-specific couple figurines that would equally make excellent gifts for the happy couple. Pieces such as Riding with You and The Thrill of Love provide a timeless celebration of the Bride and Groom’s love and commitment to each other. Another unique piece that celebrates love is the Love Letters Cupid Figurine which is perfect for gifting.



The Thrill of Love Couple Figurine


Love Letters Cupid Figurine

For a couple who wants a unique twist on the traditional couple figurine, animal pairs make a perfect gift. Pieces like Courting Cranes or Endless Love Swans are obvious choices for a romantic animal sculpture, but there are also many unexpected options such as the Giraffes Sculpture or Attentive and Pensive Greyhounds for couples who like to think outside the box.

Courting Cranes Sculpture


Endless Love Swans Figurine
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