Unusual Wares: Lladró's Tableware Collection

The whimsical Toucan Bar Set

Lladró is an expert in porcelain, but only seasoned collectors know of their tableware range. Their expertise of crafting elaborate sculptures and porcelain art is just unparalleled that their tableware collection doesn’t quite get the same attention. But Lladró brings the same artistry and quality to the tableware they design and make.

Lladró’s Cups and Bottle is featured in the newly released Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine



Lladró’s unique interpretation of this is something you won’t see often with homewares - instead of decorating their wares with colour or painting the elements on, they took a unique route and created a collection using the sculptural elements of nature. The Naturofantastic Collection is inspired by lush plant forms such as bulbs, petals and leaves. Using their expertise in sculptural pieces, Lladró created a collection that is beautiful as a piece of L'Art de la Table, and not just as a sculptural piece, but also a functional collection to add into your collection. This resulted in a stylish set of homewares, a rare find that will be used and aesthetically pleasing in any space.

Lladró's Naturofantastic collection is inspired by lush plant forms to create a luminous and warm fantasy, a celebration of the joy of life. This table centrepiece is part of a stylish set of dishes in which the organic and the fantastic, the marine motifs and the vegetables converge in an exclusive piece of L'Art de la Table. A sculptural fruit bowl that you won’t see anywhere else.

Read more about the Naturofantastic Collection here.

The Logos espresso cups for the avid coffee drinker.

These Espresso Cups and the Hitoiki range of Cups have sculptural reliefs that give texture to the surface of the items, enriching the way you drink your coffee, sake or water.

Shop the range of Lladro tableware here. Or contact us for something off the menu.


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