Winged Fantasy: A Show Stunner in Artistic and Technical Porcelain


The Winged Fantasy is an impressive show stopper for sure.

Inspired by Greek mythology, the ornate motifs, rich jewels and style of clothing suggests that the figure is a goddess. Though it is not specified, the figure resembles a Siren. In greek mythology, Sirens are half bird-form and half human-form who are known for their alluring powers to seek, by harmonic motion, to unite it to the divine life of the celestial host.

The wings springing from the Winged Fantasy’s arms have peacock feathers, spread-out in a confident yet welcoming stature. The spine of the feathers are in 24k yellow gold lustre, and it slowly pans out to the matt white edge, giving textural interest even within a single feather. Her light skin tones are in striking contrast to her colourful clothing. There is an interesting matt finish with high-gloss touches throughout the sculpture, with a mother-of-pearl effect on her necklace.

Three years in development, it took over 70 man-hours to paint, split among three people. The challenge of this creation was to maintain the balance and pose of the wings and ensure they did not shrink in firing.

Winged Fantasy is a limited piece to 250 numbered pieces worldwide. Each piece comes with a plate in the back with the number of the piece, the signature of the sculptor, and a signature of the artisan who decorated the piece.

Lladró’s Winged Fantasy Sculpture


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