2022 Christmas Gift Guide: What Are Your Options?

December is a time for traditions and family. As much of a festive time as Christmas is, it can also be stressful. Finding the perfect gift for family, friends and loved ones, can be easier said than done. Lladró has a wide selection of options, whether it’s religious decoration, jewellery or homeware. With the great attention to detail and high quality of the products, you can be certain it makes for a memorable gift.

Don’t forget to ask for a gift receipt in your purchase, so your gift recipient will be able to exchange the gift for something to their liking. We also do gift-wrapping with Lladró gift paper or Christmas-paper.


Christmas is for many not only a time to spend with loved ones, but also about celebrating the birth of Christ. For many, Jesus, Virgin Mary and angels comes to mind. Lladró offers pristine and beautiful sculptures of these important people Christ is a classical and exquisite portrayal of the Son of God in a white glossy porcelain extending his arm to protect humanity.

The beautiful and delicate pastels and flowers Lladró are so well known for, can be found with the Blessed Mary Figurine. The globe that supports her and the white lilies, a symbol of purity, are attributes that many associate with christianity.

Lladró’s Christ Sculpture (Right) (left) great attention to detail, such as the scar where Longinus pierced his side, makes for a mesmerising portrayal of the Messiah. Blessed Virgin Mary Figurine (right) in glazed blue cape and white dress, makes for a delicate piece displaying innocence with its soft pastels tones and details, such as the lilies.


It’s no question that it can be difficult finding memorable gifts for the women of your life. Whether it’s for your wife, friend, sister, they often have in common that they already have most of what they’ve wished for. With Lladró, you have a large variety of options.

What better way to show the women of your life, your appreciation for them, than serene figurines that embraces femininity and motherhood.

Lladró's A Mother’s Love Figurine (left), a matt white porcelain sculpture, shows the tender and everlasting love mothers have for their children. Lladró has taken inspiration from the Ancient Japanese tradition of Hanami (enjoying the flowers) with the Sweet Scent of Blossoms Woman Figurine (middle). A Dancer Woman Figurine (right) is one of the favourites of Lladró, a glossed elegant figurine holding her pink and blue dress waving from the stage.
It’s hard to go wrong with jewellery. It is for many something that has sentimental value when receiving it as a gift, but also a way to express your style. All in sterling silver, either in its original form or 18kt yellow gold plated, makes for a perfect gift.
Inspired by the waves of the ocean, Aquarium Short Earrings (left), makes for a luminous combination with its marines tones in enamel and base of sterling silver. The Scarab Ring (middle) is made with glazed porcelain in iridescent black. A perfect gift for those who like jewellery with a bit of edge. With its beautifully glazed flowers in white with gold lustre, the delicate Heliconia Bracelet White (right) is perfect for those who value an elegant and contemporary look.


The place most people spend time in, is their home. Therefore if you’re getting a gift for someone you know well or someone you might not, you can be certain both will be happy with finding homeware under their Christmas-tree. With Lladró’s selection of homeware, it gives every home the finishing touch.

The Kokeshi Cordless Lamp (left), both practical and decorative, inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi dolls, is made in glazed porcelain in pastel tones and touches of golden lustre. This lamp will definitely lighten up everyones table. The Echoes of Nature Candle Collection (right) has a wide range of smells. With everything from more masculine scents to flowery scents, it makes for a collection suitable for most people.


How often do men tell you what they want for Christmas? Instead of buying the same old practical things like socks and belt, Lladró offers elaborate gifts that you can be certain will make a permanent impression in the hearts of the men of your life.

Show your appreciation for the eternal love and comfort a dad gives you with Paternal Protection Figurine (left). The Echoes of Nature Candle (Unbreakable Spirit) (middle) is a perfect gift to freshen up a man’s home with its masculine and powerful scent. There’s nothing like the thrill of surfing a good wave, which Surfer Man Figurine (right) perfectly displays in motion.
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