Who are we?


We believe that everyone can live in an exquisite way. Transforming a space and good old retail therapy is a sure way to uplift your spirits.

But good design doesn’t have to be just “for show“.

Investing in well thought designs is support for its form and function, and also a vote for the ideas it supports. Quality design and products reduce our environmental footprint and ensures proper labour practices in the entire production vertical.

Best of all - no matter how you live, in a multigenerational home, a city pad, a nifty townhouse or a lavish mansion, this is a lifestyle that you can implement. We are selective and purposeful about who we represent, and only represent brands we believe in.


FormFluent started as there was a need for International luxury brands to have a local voice, and assimilate into the Australian way of life. Lladró contacted us to develop the brand’s presence and grow their market in Australia. A simple thought evolved into FormFluent and the personable luxury retail environment. FormFluent now operates a Lladró boutique in Sydney, and our own online boutique, with more openings to come in Australia.

We take inspiration from the wonderful quality creations the brands create, take them into a local context, and make it easy for people to enjoy both the product and the discussions around it.

Keep an eye out for new additions and follow our social media platforms for the up-to-date happenings.