A New Icon In Lighting: Lladró’s Nightbloom

The Nightbloom Lighting Collection is a collaboration between designer Marcel Wanders and Lladró. The lamps are celebration of nature and is meant to embody the element of movement, something Lladró is very well known for doing with porcelain, considering porcelain is such a solid material.

The matt petals create soft textured shadows

Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer from the Netherlands known for being unconventional and full of life. Many of his works present a juxtaposition between its concept and the material used. One of his well known works, the Knotted Chair, used high tech materials while using low-tech production methods. Same can be seen in Nightbloom. He and Lladró have created a product with a soft and delicate appearance but with a solid-to-touch material such as porcelain.

The design is a merriment of two elements of nature; the celebration and appreciation of its dancing petals and the natural exhibition of it from the glistening moonlight, hence the name Nightbloom.

The calming illumination from the heart of the flower is the product of its design. The matt finish allows the light to bounce softly over the delicate curves of the petals and highlighting its carefully carved grooves of its contour.

In 2019, it was awarded the Platinum Prize in the Home Interior Products/Lighting category for the European Product Design Awards. These reputable awards are held annually to recognise the efforts of designers the innovations to design that are both practical and beautiful. It is a respected and prestigious award in the design community that any professional in this field would be honoured to be awarded.

The Nightbloom series comes in different lighting formats; pendant lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp and table lamp.


It is common to select a designer lamp to be a statement piece and focus point for a room, but what proper lighting is able to do is also create an ambient atmosphere and creating visual texture in the room. The Nightbloom lamps are great for adding texture with its matt petals, hand carved indentations and sculptural form. Its organic shaped petals adds modern softness to the space. 

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