Lladró's Chandeliers: The Full Guide to Picking Porcelain Chandeliers

You’re reading this because you like Lladró's Chandeliers but there’s just so many of them and it’s hard to decide. The good news is that you’ve found the right place and we can help you by showing you the full range of chandeliers and pendant lamps, so you have an easier time selecting a piece.


  1. You love sculptural shapes, and are looking for statement lighting for your space, but nothing contrived.
  2. Porcelain is a long-lasting material, so buying a quality lamp from Lladró is going to stand the test of time.
  3. You love colour and want to inject it into your space. Lladró makes chandeliers and lighting in many different colours.

Did you know: Porcelain is naturally UV resistant, so porcelain doesn’t fade over time, even in direct sunlight, and the colour intensity will be the same the day you bought it, and 20-30 years down the road. Just look at the Lladro pieces from the 1960s - it looks identical to the day it was purchased! Great for those that love black or colours.


Designer Bodo Sperlein designed two chandeliers for Lladró, the Niagara Chandelier and Magic Forest Chandelier.

This chandelier is certainly a statement piece, and all lighting is integrated, with dimming capabilities. The wooden base at the top can be ordered in white or black, and the fibre optic strands can also be ordered to be longer in length.

The Niagara Chandelier invokes daydreams and the impossible, with fairies dangling on fibre optic strands. The Niagara Chandelier comes in many different sizes, and available in two colour ways - matt white or matt white and gold.

The leaves on the Magic Forest Chandelier is a great for those who love nature, with leaves swaying in the wind. The functional design is timeless and adds a sculptural element to any space.

We’ve compiled the options of the whole collection so it is easy to see everything in one go below.

The 2 metre chandelier includes 304 porcelain pieces + 4 replacements

The 1.35 metre chandelier includes 151 porcelain pieces + 4 replacements

The 1.1 metre chandelier includes 108 porcelain pieces + 4 replacements

The 0.8 metre chandelier includes 56 porcelain pieces + 4 replacements

The 0.6 metre chandelier includes 40 porcelain pieces + 4 replacements


Sophisticated, grand and commanding. When you have a large space or high ceilings, some statement lamps or chandeliers may be too small and may look out of place. You’ll need a chandelier that has presence and commands attention, to add a layer of visual interest.

Lladró's Winter Palace chandeliers do exactly that. It’s not what we would recommend for small spaces or apartments. This lighting collection is inspired by snowy winters, the romanticism of fairytales, the grandeur of classic chandeliers. No effort was spared in creating a piece that is of the best quality, mixing the highest grade of Austrian crystals with Lladró’s own porcelain pieces, for a unique chandelier that is striking and irreplaceable. The lampshade is made of porcelain and it filters the light beautifully to a warm light. It’s not for the faint of heart.

The porcelain pieces of the Winter Palace chandelier are all handmade, with matt finish, glazed finish and 24-karat yellow-gold lustre. The textures and colours exude a finesse rarely found in chandeliers today, reflecting light and casting interesting shadows.

The Winter Palace chandelier is available in 3 sizes, 6, 12 and 30 light chandeliers, with bespoke chandeliers also available to customise or create a one-off piece for you. Lladró chandeliers bought from us have a 2 year warranty.

All the Lladró's standard Winter Palace Chandeliers. For custom options, speak to our team.


The Belle de Nuit Collection is unique as it is both classical and modern. It is an updated Victorian chandelier, great to either add some character to a modern space, or modern addition to a heritage home. It’s not our most popular chandelier for no reason!

There are 9 colour ways, all in the image below, with 7 variations of each. Other than the chandeliers, there are also 3 hanging lamps that would suit smaller spaces or used as bedside table lamps. The lampshades are porcelain lithophane lampshades, but silk shades are also an option if you’d prefer that instead.

Even with this many options, you might be looking for something more specific. The good news is that we can custom order a piece for you, with variations of colour or even number of tiers - best is to speak to our team to get the best solution and also keep prices reasonable.


Ivy and Seed Collection uses natural forms of nuts and bulbs found in our environment to create an amazing chandelier that makes you look twice and admire the details. It’s not kitschy at all, in fact, the chandelier and lamps add a formality and dressiness and warm up the room. People look for these when they are unimpressed with the industrial designer lamps that are common today and want something with more texture and finesse.

The chandeliers are available in 5 standard sizes, with a pendant lamp available for the 6 colour variations as per chart below. There are three options of the porcelain lampshade, which gives you an option to style it up according to your preferences.


The Nightbloom Lighting Collection is a collaboration between designer Marcel Wanders and Lladró. The lamps are celebration of nature and is meant to embody the element of movement, something Lladró is very well known for doing with porcelain, considering porcelain is such a solid material.

Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer from the Netherlands known for being unconventional and full of life. Many of his works present a juxtaposition between its concept and the material used. One of his well known works, the Knotted Chair, used high tech materials while using low-tech production methods. Same can be seen in Nightbloom. He and Lladró have created a product with a soft and delicate appearance but with a solid-to-touch material such as porcelain.

The design is a merriment of two elements of nature; the celebration and appreciation of its dancing petals and the natural exhibition of it from the glistening moonlight, hence the name Nightbloom.

The calming illumination from the heart of the flower is the product of its design. The matt finish allows the light to bounce softly over the delicate curves of the petals and highlighting its carefully carved grooves of its contour.

In 2019, it was awarded the Platinum Prize in the Home Interior Products/Lighting category for the European Product Design Awards. These reputable awards are held annually to recognise the efforts of designers the innovations to design that are both practical and beautiful. It is a respected and prestigious award in the design community that any professional in this field would be honoured to be awarded.

The matt petals create soft textured shadows.


  1. How customisable are the chandeliers?
    We have a kit at our boutique and select retailers so you’ll be able to choose colours and textures for your chandelier. We’d also have recommendations on how you’ll be able to customise your piece without blowing out the budget too much - else the sky is the limit when it comes to customisation. We’ve done large custom chandeliers for commercial buildings with no issues.
  1. I need a longer cable for the chandelier - can it be arranged for?
    Yes - just let us know what your requirements prior to ordering!
  1. What is the process of ordering a chandelier?
    1. Contact our team to speak about what you are looking for and your budget.
    2. Once you’ve decided on a piece, we will order it and time it for delivery, taking into consideration of your renovation/build schedule.
    3. It usually 3 months for us to receive a piece, and each is made to order.

  2. What if the chandelier breaks in transit?
    We insure all pieces up to your door - we hardly get any problems with breakage during delivery. Most chandeliers also come with a few extra pieces so even if you do break one piece a few years on, you’ll have a piece to replace it with (dependant on the chandelier).
  1. Can you help install the chandeliers?
    We can either work with your builders/handyman/electrician to advise them on how to install them as we have a lot of documentation around that. Alternatively we can recommend our preferred electrician/installers to install the chandelier for you.
  1. I have a low ceiling? Can I install a chandelier?
    We’ve had chandeliers installed in apartments, or places with low ceiling height. The key is proportion, and also where it is placed. Chandeliers above a dining table, for example, can be hung a bit lower, allowing you to enjoy the details of the chandelier up-close.
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