Aquarium Collection: Statement Jewellery For Every Day

Statement jewellery shouldn’t be considered an accessory when in fact they are anything but. By definition, the word ‘accessory’ is something that is worn to compliment a garment or item of clothing. Instead, Lladró’s Aquarium Collection is the exact opposite. These pieces of art that you can wear, can’t help but be the star of the show and the clothing worn is merely to compliment them.

The collection is inspired by the power and magic of nature that the porcelain so effortlessly mimics the movement and flow of the ocean waves. The shift in the rich blue hues are taken directly from the shimmering ripples of the ocean waters reflecting the light and sky above it. The glimmering effect given on the waters when the sun is beaming on it is represented by the the shining sterling silver that perfectly compliments the blue enamels.

Even though this collection is a statement when you wear them, they are surprisingly easy to wear. The connection to nature in form and in colour creates a good base for neutral colours to add an exciting pop of colour and compliments every skin tone.

Aquarium Short Earrings & Aquarium Long Earrings


Aquarium Bracelet & Aquarium Brooch


Aquarium Pendant & Aquarium Necklace


Aquarium Cuff, Aquarium Hinged Cuff, & Aquarium Cufflinks

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