Back to Nature: Lladró's Scented Candles

Have you ever caught a whiff of that one particular scent and been transported into another place, another time, another memory? Our sense of smell is so intrinsically tied to our personalities and our experiences, we don’t usually realise it until we have that moment. Lladró's Echoes of Nature Candles bring all the beauty and facets of nature into your home and leave you entangled in its aromas. All encased in an elaborate porcelain lid, hand-engraved and hand-painted with an exclusive design that is a metaphor for the fragrance it holds. From wide open fresh fields to a tropical paradise or the ocean just before a storm, the Echoes of Nature Candles capture memories and emotions in seven unique scents. Whether it is a gift for someone or a personal treat, Lladró's candles are a great way evoke an individual’s personality.


For those that favour a refreshing, crisp scent, this category usually incorporates hint of citrus and water and green notes.

On the Prairie Scented Candle

On the Prairie - this fragrance gives off the impression of wide open meadows, with green grass and fresh flowers with a light breeze on the face. With the essence of bergamot, basil, thyme and vetiver. This evokes the sense of fresh grass after a summer rain.

Mediterranean Beach - encased in a handcrafted lid with the design of a sea urchin, this fragrance gives off the impression of lounging on a beach surrounded by rugged cliffs, warm sand, crystal clear water and sun-kissed skin. It is notable as a fruity perfume with hints of orange blossom and a woody background. Perfect for escaping the everyday.

Mediterranean Beach Scented Candle

Unbreakable Spirit - particularly unique amongst Lladró's scents as it has hint of some typically masculine aromas, whilst still retaining a very fresh aura. With an exotic aroma of bergamot, cardamom and musk. The Unbreakable Spirit scent evokes feeling of wildness, like the sea and sky before a storm or the spray of the ocean in one’s face. This scent also is featured in Lladró's 1001 Lights Collection.

Unbreakable Spirit Scented Candle

1001 Lights Collection - Unbreakable Spirit Scent

Gardens of Valencia - harkening back to Lladró's origin in Valencia, this fragrance oozes with nostalgia, strolling through gardens lined with orange and palm trees in the dry Spanish sun. This fruity aroma with hints of bergamot, tuberose and vanilla is fresh as the earth.

Gardens of Valencia Scented Candle


Sweet, serene ad flowery while it might be easy to assume that a floral scent might be saccharine and simple, Lladró's floral scent balances light and delicate with more complex and intense aromas.

Tropical Blossoms - as the name might suggest, this fragrance conjures up images of lounging on white sand beach, under a frangipani tree, lathered in sunscreen whilst soaking up the sun. With notes of Italian mandarin and frangipani with tropical hues of benzoin, this relaxing and inviting perfume just begs to take you away to hot summer days spent at the beach or relaxing under a tropical tree with a light breeze on the face.

Tropical Blossoms Scented Candles


For those who find the warm, rich aroma of spices inviting, Lladró's oriental scents exude luxury and sensuality.

A Secret Orient - this scent draws you in and entices the mind with feelings of grand adventures, burning incense, luxurious fabrics and an exotic kick. A spicy aroma with patchouli notes and an exotic touch of oud wood.

Night Approaches - whilst not included in the Echoes of Nature collection, this scent is featured in Lladró's 1001 Lights collection. The collection evokes the magical and imaginative tales from the classic Arabian Nights. The candles in the collection carry the same fragrance ´Night Approaches´, based on such special ingredients such as cassis, lotus flower and frankincense, representing the magic of the night and the full moon.

I Love You, Mom - a fragrance dripping with the essence of vanilla, honey, red fruits and even a floral hint. This scent holds you close like a reassuring presence, evoking childhood memories of warm blankets, cosy fireplaces, fresh linen and loving hugs.

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