Beauty In the Everyday: How Lladró Captures the Little Moments in Life

From the birth of a new baby to graduations and weddings, life is full of major milestones. But it’s the small moments that happen every day that often bring us the most joy and that we most often take for granted. Since the brand’s beginnings in the 1950s, Lladró has always captured not only the big moments but also the smaller ones in between, to celebrate the little things that make life special.

Many of Lladró's figurines depict people taking part in the fun and relaxing actions of everyday life, from spending time with loved ones to lazing around in the garden. While many of us are not able to spend all our time relaxing in the sun with our kids or dogs, the palpable sense of calm and ease that these figures give off is something that resonates with most people. The idyllic scenes depicted in the pieces romanticise the little moments that make up our days and remind us not to take them for granted.


Spending time with the people we love is often taken for granted, but in reality, it’s one of life’s most joyous experiences. How lucky are we to get to spend this time with the people we care about?! Lladró celebrates the joy and love that come from moments spent with the people who are most important to us by capturing them in stunning handcrafted porcelain pieces. The tender moments between a couple are captured, for example, in pieces like Riding with You, Just You and Me, and You’re Everything to Me. More casual in feel than many of Lladró's couple figurines, these pieces show the joy in everyday activities like walking together, riding on a scooter, or even just snuggling up at home.

Just You and MeYou’re Everything to Me, & Riding with You.

Of course, spending time with other family members like our parents, siblings or children can also be a source of great joy in our everyday lives. Sometimes the best moments in our day can be the ones spent helping out a sibling, trying a new hobby with a friend, or even just lounging at home with the family. Sculptures like The Family Portrait, I Love You Dad, My Little Sweetie, and even Lladró's new Combing Your Hair figurine encapsulate how these little moments in life can be some of the most beautiful and fulfilling.

The Family Portrait, Combing Your Hair, & My Little Sweetie.


Another family member whose love and time can make our day is our pet. Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, or even a more unique pet, spending time playing or snuggling with our animals can be a joyful moment of relaxation in our busy lives. Pieces like The Best of Friends, True Friend, and Don’t Forget Me capture the joy that being with our pets can bring, by showing the expressions of contentment on the figurine’s faces as they snuggle up with their pets.

If classic figurines are not your style or you want the focus to lie solely on your pet, an animal figurine can capture the essence of each animal’s personality and the joy that they can bring us. For instance, Jack Russell with Licorice shows off the cheeky nature of this breed, something that all owners will find makes them happy to see.

The Best of FriendsTrue Friend, & Don’t Forget Me.


In our busy lives, even something as simple as a relaxing day off can be just what we need to bring us joy and happiness. Maybe your idea of a peaceful day involves spending time doing a hobby that you love like Lladró’s Surfer Man. Or maybe spending a day in the garden surrounded by the wonders of nature’s beauty is what brings contentment to your life, as in Sweet Scent of Blossoms. Of course, just taking some time to be alone with our thoughts, like the woman in In My Thoughts is a relaxing activity that is often overlooked or taken for granted. Truly, it’s these little moments to ourselves that are so often overlooked, that usually bring us the most happiness in our lives. The importance of these acts of self-care is captured perfectly in Jaime Hayon’s new Lladró collection, Embraced.

Surfer Man, Sweet Scent of Blossoms, & In My Thoughts.

Although we usually focus on our biggest milestones, little moments of everyday life that we often take for granted can bring us just as much joy and contentment. From time spent with loved ones to moments of self-care, Lladró’s talented artisans capture these occasions in all their glory.

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