Candid Spaces - Lladró @ Casa Décor 2023

Casa Décor opens its doors again for the 58th time from 13 April to 28 May 2023 in Calle Serrano 92, Madrid. Calle Serrano 92 has a Neo-classic style façade inspired by the Parisian neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with symmetrical and harmonious archways. 50 spaces are outfitted by various designers, and Lladró is again proud to be featured in various concepts.

To see more Casa Décor spaces featuring Lladró, visit our Instagram.

Sinmas Studio’s living room concept for Hager by designers Sigfrido and Mateo is furnished with Lladró’s Mokuren Chandelier and Embrace Sculpture:

The elegant curves of Lladró’s Embrace Sculpture soften the granular wallpaper and textured side table:

The organic lines of the handcrafted petals contrast with the rigidity of the hanging trunk in Lladró’s Mokuren Chandelier:

AS Interiorista’s bookshelf-fireplace-planter and their take on clean lines of modern contemporary spaces is completed with cute additions of Lladró’s Face 2 Face collection (Sparrow, Toucan and Hummingbird) as well as the irresistable Hedgehog Lamps:

A custom Lladró’s Belle de Nuit 12 Lights Chandelier provides a slight pop of colour in Laura Urzanqui’s minimalist bathroom without feeling out of space:

The brilliant polish of CUPA STONE’s solid tabletop reflects the intricate porcelain in Lladró’s Belle de Nuit 40 Lights Chandelier:

When litted, it difuses a warm and luxurious glow, giving a simple kitchen space a transcendent nature:


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