Cool Gifts: What Do You Buy for People Who Have Everything?

Not another pair of socks, please. To be fair, gifts is such a difficult thing to buy. It is easy the first few times, going with something practical or in need. After a few occasions, ideas start to wear thin. But don’t hit the panic button just yet. That’s what we’re here for. So consider this a little gift from us to you - click the images to see the product details.



1. Firefly Cordless Table Lamps are functional and cute, great for the avid host and available in various colourways.


2. Buleria is an intense form of flamenco only connoisseurs know.


3. 18kt yellow gold plated cuff, a statement piece for any age.


4. Frida Kahlo is an icon that requires no introduction.


5. Beautiful earrings makes seamless transition from day to night easy.


6. This contemporary dancer piece exudes both strength and grace.



1. The Guest in a colour that is not quite blue or green - stunning.


2. These cordless lamps combine the softness of leather with porcelain.


3. A limited edition Monkey in the International Klein Blue.


4. Our origami panther is always a crowd pleaser - especially the black!


5. Icarus’s wings beautifully warms up a contemporary space


6. An unusual gift for the person that has and knows everything - n intriguing dragonfly figurine.

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