Effortless Elegance: The Heliconia Collection


Lladró’s Heliconia Collection in Coral (left), White) (centre), & Pink (Right).

Heliconia is a species of flowering plant that is usually found in tropical forests. They are known as different names such as lobster-claws, toucan beak, wild plantains or false bird-of-paradise. The plant has oblong leaves and beak-like flowers which grow upwards in an alternating pattern. This plant is a crucial part of the ecosystem for birds, insects and bats as it is both a source of nutrition and shelter. Heliconia is one of the main food sources for hummingbirds and the pointy shape of its flowers are the perfect shape for hummingbirds’ long beaks to pollinate. Some hummingbirds may also choose the plant to nest on while bats use it’s large leaves to create tent-shaped roosts.

Lladró’s Heliconia Collection is a collaboration between two elements of earth; porcelain and flora. Lladró’s designers took the organic form of the flower and simplified, combined, subtracted and multiplied it to create a modern yet timeless collection. It is finished in glossy porcelain of bright white, pastel pink or coral red, and hand-painted gold embellishments of 18 karat yellow gold lustre, which honour the original tropical colours the flower naturally comes in. The gold chains that compliment the warm tropical colours are 925 sterling silver plated in 18 karat gold. The elegant combination of its materials and delicate shape creates a luxurious feel, yet it is also very wearable whether it be a exclusive social event or just a casual brunch.


Lladró’s Heliconia Short Earrings (left), Cufflinks (centre) & Pendant Necklace (right).

Other than the three above, The Heliconia Collection is also available in Bracelet, Adjustable Ring, Cuff, Hinged Cuff, Brooch, Long Earring, 4 Petal Pendant Necklace, And Regular Necklace formats.

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