Fancy Vases: How To Decorate With Vases

If you are not one for flowers, whatever the reason, you’ll find that many vases look “incomplete“ on its own, as vases were once used only for flowers as a functional item. Today. vases and planters are used in contemporary homes without the fancy floral arrangements of the past. They are works of art on their own, and add some colour and style. Best of all, rotate them occasionally and you’ll refresh your space without any effort or waste.

This article looks a few foolproof tips on how to add decorative vases into your space.

The limited edition Small and Medium Conversation Vases, grouped together to create a larger impact.

1. Group them together

If you have similar vases with a variety of heights but in the same style, cluster them together in one corner for a charming focal point. This technique works great with vases of different styles if you want an eclectic look, but works best when vases come from the same design line for a clean, cohesive aesthetic.

2. Contrasting colours

Create a visual contrast by placing a vase that is in a different colour to your wall. If you have a light coloured wall, place a dark or bold coloured vase against it. On the other hand, if your wall colour is dark, use a white coloured vase as below. This will immediately draw your eye as it stands out against its surroundings, and adds impact.

The white and gold Naturofantastic Vase stands out against the grey panelled walls.

4. Mind the scale

Keep the scale of the pieces of furniture in your room similar.

In the image on the right, each furniture piece is distinctive and has enough negative space around them, and also fills up the wall well. The balance of height, width and scale makes the combination work.

The shape each furniture here is organic, which ties them in together, but they also have colours that pick up on other furnitures. The Conversation Vase Collection designed by Jaime Hayon for Lladró has gold accents that pick up the gold mirror and gold console table, whilst the organic black lines on the vase also picks up the black stool and black organic lines of the console table’s legs.

The vase doesn’t overpower the space, and it relates well to the furnishings in the scale and colour scheme.

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