Lines Of Tension: How Lladró Balances Opposing Forces

Tension can be created through the collision of two opposing forces, it is often what can define art. Achieving perfect balance between the forces that something that can take many years to master. Over the 6 decades Lladró has been around, they have honed and perfected the way they give pieces such life and energy and make them feel grounded.

The attention detail in the muscles on the panther adds a sense of power and strength in Lladró’s Black Panther with Cub Figurine

Physical tension can often follow a current, or has a critical interchange which one would call the focal point of a piece. This can often help to ground a piece of art and make it feel alive, tangible and even forceful. Lladró uses tension in their pieces by using a balance of weight through their work to create a sense of tautness or stress running through the piece. Take the Champions Team Footballers Figurine, there is a deliberate and clear interplay of forces running through the piece and colliding where the players meet which one would call the focal point. You can see the impact of these forces in the stress placed on the players, evidenced by the flexed muscles of each player, particularly in their legs. Not only does this contact bring a sense of conflict to the piece it also literally balances each figurine and the sculpture at large as neither piece would be psychically stable without the tautness in there other supporting it.

Champions Team Footballers Figurine notice the variations in gloss and matt that give the piece additional texture and depth.

Along with physical tension, conflict is created through the audience’s perception, particularly when it comes to movement. Meaning that when tension is focused on one particular spot it draws the eye and creates a focal point in a work. In many of Lladró’s pieces such as in The Art of Movement Dancers Figurine, the strong attention to detail regarding the dancers’ movement and the strain of their muscles is palpable when viewing the piece. Note that each figurine’s extended limbs draws the eye to the focal point of the piece, that being the middle where the mass is the greatest, where the individual pieces meet and support each other. When looking at this sculpture, a sense of anticipation is created, as we the viewer know what we see must have a continuing motion or action, however, the piece remains suspended in perfect harmony with the opposing forces. Much of what we know to be tense is arguably anticipation, the anticipation of what’s to come, in knowing what we see cannot be maintained thereby creating a sense of urgency and stress in the viewer’s perception of a work.

The Art of Movement Dancers Figurine notice how the piece seems to defy gravity.

Often we are drawn to pieces that capture our eye and mind, there is a reason why pieces with a lot of movement and tension continue to be so popular. The ability to create a perfect balance in a piece and bring such vitality whilst maintaining a sense of elegance and refinement is a staple in a Lladró sculpture. Capturing a viewer’s attention and imagination is part of what makes Lladro unique and what continues to engage people with the brand.

Contemporary Dancer Woman Sculpture captures all the elegance and strength of dance (left). Surfer Man Figurine: note the intense detail on the man’s face and the level of emotional depth that has been achieved (right).
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