Lladró Batman Sculpture - The Dark Knight Rendered in True Porcelain

To celebrate Batman's 85th birthday in 2024, Lladró entered a collaboration with Warner Bros-Discovery Global Consumer Products to deliver the Batman™ Sculpture Limited Edition, a handcrafted porcelain rendition of the legendary superhero in an exclusive limited numbered run of just 500 units.

This porcelain creation recreates Gotham City’s iconic avenger in minute detail, from his iconic cape shaped like bat wings, to his mask, the bat symbol on his chest, and his famous utility belt. He is perched on a gargoyle ledge, keeping watch of the neverending crime endangering the city.

On Cold Porcelain and Cold-cast Porcelain

Don't be fooled! There are various Batman figurines in the market made of cold porcelain or cold-cast porcelain, which may sound like a variant of porcelain, but it isn't remotely similar! Cold porcelain is a compound made of cornstarch and white glue and is more akin to plasticine. This makes it highly malleable but not strong and durable. On the other hand, cold-cast porcelain is made using fine metal, wood or stone powder bound with a resin to mimic the look of metal-, wood- and stoneware without the difficulty of carving or firing in a kiln. Therefore, it is much cheaper, used in mass-produced collectables, and does not possess any of the benefits of porcelain like translucency, non-porous nature, UV resistance, and fadeproof colours.

Batman Arrives

Lladró's Batman™ Sculpture Limited Edition is handcrafted in true porcelain, utilising their high-temperature single-firing technique to achieve structural strength. It is rendered in matt porcelain with touches of glossy black porcelain to highlight Batman's gloves and boots and the elegant application of gold lustre for the emblem on his chest and utility belt.

With only 500 numbered units, Batman™ Sculpture Limited Edition is sure to sell out fast like the previous Darth Vader Sculpture Liimted Edition and even the Darth Vader Gold Sculpture Limited Edition. Contact us soon to pre-order your piece.

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