Lladró’s Official Disney: A Joy for Young and Old

Don’t you wish you could just travel back in time to re-live precious childhood memories, when times were simpler and worry-free? Just for a moment, those memories comfort you like a warm hug, making you temporarily forget about the present and future realities of adulthood. Oh the luxury of being a kid again, with no responsibility, and days of getting lost in a world of imagination and endless wonder.

Disney is not only popular with kids but just as adored by adults too. Adult Disney fans associate Disney with fond memories from their childhood and want to relive that warm fuzzy feeling that we get as a kid in their adult lives and share it with their own kids. As we grow older, life gets more complicated but Disney will always stay the same, and that is the power of nostalgia.

Many Disney fans show their love through collecting Disney merchandise. In fact, Walt Disney pioneered the idea to produce merchandise that coincides with the release of their films, and he had a vision that Disney would also be a collectable hobby. With the growing crowd of adult Disney fans, Disney realised that adults were more attracted to collecting higher-end collectable merchandise. This is where the trend of porcelain Disney figurines came about.

Lladró’s Official Disney Collection

Lladró’s Official Disney Collection is a sophisticated and most premium way for you to reminisce your favourite childhood cartoon character. For fans of Disney, this official licensed collection is the best and most accurate rendition of these classic characters. Each expression, expertly hand-painted on. Share this meaningful piece and pass them down to your children and your children’s children. With plastic toys, their colours will fade over time and with soft toys, they will lose their shape, but the Lladró Official Disney Collection are timeless pieces of classic characters that will last you a lifetime and more. Lladró uses their bold and vibrant colours on these glossy figurines that will never fade and will look just as good as the day you bought them.

Lladró’s Official Disney Collection

Snoopy Figurine


The Little Prince Figurine


Grogu (Baby Yoda)


Official Snow White Sculpture


Cinderella Sculpture

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