Lladró’s Seasons Chandelier: Winner of The NYC X Design Awards, Chandelier Category

Lladró’s newly launched Seasons Chandelier is the winner in this year’s NYC x Design Awards in the Chandelier category, a big achievement amongst other prominent designer honorees such as Tom Dixon and Avram Ruso Studio. Approximately 500 designers, brands and architects came together at for the 7th Annual NYC x Design Awards on the 10th May 2022 to celebrate the winners and honorees at One Penn Plaza in Manhattan, New York City, where the award was announced and received. Click here to see all the award recipients and honorees.

Lladró’s Nightbloom Floor Lamp by renowned designer Marcel Wanders.

The Seasons Chandelier currently comes in three standard colour ways, with options to customise the chandelier to your liking. Sunrise shines brightly with its white and gold colour scheme, Winter is a celebration of the shades of blue, and Fall is vivid and vibrant with mixes of pinks, rusty oranges and slivers of blues.

Various hues of blue make up the Winter Seasons Chandelier.

The Chandelier is a nod to the exuberant Art Deco style, with symmetry of each chandelier bead designed to contribute to its overall silhouette, and are also beautiful in their own right. The chandelier shows off Lladró’s expertise in colour and glazed porcelain, with sprinkles of Murano Glass for contrast. Customisations are available, speak to our team to create a chandelier to your liking!


If you love the Seasons Chandelier, be sure to check out our other award winning lighting collection, the NIghtbloom collection by Marcel Wanders

The Fall Seasons Chandelier has a warm colour palette. Custom options are available.


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