Lladró's 2022 New Releases: An Overview

We are excited to showcase the newest 2022 additions to Lladró’s ever-growing selection of luxury handcrafted porcelain. Click the image to view the PDF Catalogues of each category!

New lighting for 2022.

Other design additions.


Fresh to the Classic Collection.


Blue whales live in every ocean, travelling the seas from their polar breeding grounds to the tropics where they breed. But whales have not always enjoyed such freedom. During the 20th Century they were hunted nearly to extinction, and still remain endangered to this day. Lladró’s Whale figurine celebrates the elegance and majestic movement of nature’s largest animal through their streamlined curves and the pearlescent ombré finish which mimics the effect of sunlight through the water. The figurine also comes in two sizes, representing a mother whale and her calf. Whales have the longest gestational period of any animal and calves stay with their mothers for months or even years after they stop feeding, making them a beautiful symbol of the loving bond between mother and child.

Read more about whales here.


Kokeshi dolls have played an important role in Japanese folk crafts for many centuries. They were first created as souvenirs for tourists in the hot springs of Tohoku in northern Japan, and have grown to become symbolic of Japanese culture all over the world. As well as being culturally significant, Kokeshi is also associated with a variety of myths such as how they are said to bring a bountiful harvest to their owners.

The new Lladró Kokeshi lamps have a streamlined design that celebrates the timeless form of Kokeshi dolls. The lamps are also decorated in Lladró’s signature pastel colour scheme, which allows them to remain modern and sophisticated whilst retaining the cuteness that Kokeshi are known for. It comes in three different colourways in hues of blues and pinks.


Lladró’s limited edition Bold Black Collection pushes boundaries in its exploration of monochromatic art. It takes inspiration from artists such as Pierre Soulages, Ad Reinhardt and Anish Kapoor. to showcase the depth and beauty that can be found in the absence of colour and light. Unlike white, which is completely absent of colour, black is unique in that it is both made up of all colours and completely absent of colour as we perceive it. The matt black porcelain shoes texture well, highlighting the texture of each animal hide or feathers.

The Bold Black collection features three of Lladró’s most loved pieces, Leading the Way, the Gorilla and the Macaw, each made in the deepest matt black and finished with touches of gold lustre to both accentuate the depth of the black and create a focal point to each piece. The black colour allows the viewer to focus on the texture of each piece and heightens the sense of gravitas they all possess. With only a limited number of each piece available, this collection is yet another way for Lladró to test the limits of sculpture and is sure to become a Lladró icon.

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