Bespoke Lladró Chandeliers: Create Something Special For Your Home

It takes forever to browse through the thousands of options to find the perfect chandelier. And after the first hundred options, all of them start to look the same, and it is difficult to find something unique hasn’t already been done before.

But not with Lladró chandeliers. You can create your own bespoke chandelier.

The Winter Palace chandelier in Côte d'Azur colours

From minimalist interiors to the most eclectic styles, Lladró offers lighting with a life of its own in a range of different sizes and colours. Each Lladró chandelier can be adapted to specific needs. Thanks to the years of expertise and the range of colours that they do, we can offer customised solutions for any decor project. We’ve simplified your search by offering everything you need to find the perfect lamp along with the endless options for colour combinations and configurations. Discover our comprehensive guide to Lladró’s porcelain chandeliers.

All chandeliers are handmade by artisans at Lladró’s manufacture in Valencia, where the brand has been making porcelain figurines since the 1960s. The magic of porcelain resides in its ability to play with lights and colours. Light filtered through porcelain is warm and ambient in comparison with light through colder materials like glass. One of the most striking difference in Lladró Lighting is the vast variety of colours that the brand is able to offer. Porcelain colours also keep well and doesn’t fade over time, even in the strong Australian sun.

The process is simple, and at every step of the way, our team will assist to ensure that you receive a unique creation that specifically meets your needs. We are able to customise varying lengths, number of tiers, diameters, shapes and colours and even the details of the ceiling rose, which can be fixed to the ceiling or made seamless using a special hanging system for that clean look.

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Lladró's Niagara Chandelier with fairies, each height adjustable to your liking.


Lladró's Ivy and Seed Chandelier.


Lladró's Belle de Nuit Chandelier.


Lladró's Winter Palace Côte d'Azur Chandelier.
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