Lladró’s Sculptural Lamps: Form and function


Lighting is an amazing tool to completely transform and illuminate a space. Lladró’s extensive lighting collection combines the art of porcelain and the functionality of lighting to create a single product that works perfectly in unison.

Scientia Table Lamp

When you have a piece of art that you treasure so dearly, you want to display it in it’s full glory, which includes thinking about having it properly lit to show off it’s features. With Lladró’s lighting collection, you don’t have to worry about that. The lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers are in of it's self is a work of art and provides illumination to not only the space but to the sculpture it’s self.

Horse on Courbette Table Lamp (Left), Horse on Pirouette Table Lamp (Right)

A nice table-side addition to any room, the Horse on Courbette Table Lamp (Left) and Horse on Pirouette Table Lamp (Right) are fabulous on their own but even better, bought as a matching set. They are a good pairing because they are the same style and horse but in doing a different pose which adds a more dynamic element.

Lladró does the same to the Motherhood and Fatherhood Table Lamps, where the lamp sculptures are both holding a child but one is for mum and one is for dad, perfect for their respective bedside tables!

Motherhood Mural Table Lamp (left) & Fatherhood Mural Table Lamp (right).


Family Table Lamp


Clown Lamp by Jaime Hayon

The Clown Table Lamp by Jaime Hayon is a clean but quirky piece that is a sure conversation starter. You can wow your guests by showing them that you can turn the lamp on and off just by the touch of his shiny gold nose. The lamp also has a dimming feature by long-touching his nose to make it brighter or dimmer.

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