Lladró's Star Wars: The Best Quality Official Star Wars Merchandise You Can Get

The Death Star, Lightsabers, Zombie Gungans, these things show just how incredibly crazy and yet inspirational the Star Wars universe is. We all know what Star Wars is, but somehow fumble when describing it to others. Its a hodgepodge of science-fiction meets romance meets action movie with a little bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure. There’s this sense of “anything is possible“ that makes you wonder what’s going to happen because, truly, there’s no predicting what could.

So cute that you want to hug it! The artists have used liquid tones on the face, ears and hands of Grogu (Baby Yoda) to make the skin as realistic as possible. In order to give visual depth to the robe, an off white colour is applied on the collar and sleeves, using a technique of painting and erasing.

Generations have grown up watching the movies, reading comics, books and having endless action-figures. Not only is Star Wars a franchise, it’s also a community. People have their own Star Wars traditions, they bond over it and they can relate to it. It can be a fond childhood memory or a groundbreaking revelation in adulthood.

A few of the reasons what makes Star Wars great, is its storytelling about friendship, loyalty and its continuous theme of good vs evil. The characters are complex, and just like you and I, they make both good and bad decisions. Sometimes those mistakes generate big problems that the characters eventually go on to solve. Some are purely evil, some purely good and others straddle in the middle. Through the stories the characters will disappoint you, they will surprise you and some may even redeem themselves. All of which makes the universe so relatable, even when it is appearing boundless.

Through 12 films, 381 books and several tv-shows and comics, thousands of characters have been introduced. Many of them we won’t remember the name of, while others are imprinted in peoples brains.

Lladró makes official Star Wars merchandise. What greater way to celebrate your love of the fascinating characters, than having figurines that you can enjoy and appreciate throughout your whole life (they’ll even outlive you!). In this article, we’ll show you some of our favourite Star Wars-icons made by the many talented artists of Lladró.


You can almost hear the daunting voice of the Sith Lord when looking at this figurine. The rigorous etching and design of Darth Vader, makes for the best quality merchandise you can purchase. Made in matt black with touches of glaze, this piece is as accurate as possible to the infamous villain of Star Wars. Perfect for the dedicated fan of all things Star Wars or fantasy.

Half-human, half-cyborg. Darth Vader has a powerful and intimidating presence, with everything from how he talks, breathes, walks, to how he looks. With his all black attire, the mask, the armour and the cape, Vader is for many the ultimate villain.

Lladró’s Darth Vader Figurine shows off their expertise in textures. Although the Darth Vader is mostly in the one shade of colour - black, the way this piece catches the light and takes presence is because of its variety of textures and finishes in the one colour. This piece is limited to 504 figurines, - a tribute to May 4th, official Star Wars Day and was quickly sold out in less than a year.

A more exclusive run of a golden Lladró's Darth Vader Figurine in metallic lustre of 70 units was created to celebrate Lladró's 70th birthday in 2023, and was sold in in a matter of weeks. 


Queen Amidala is known for being a powerful and courageous leader who genuinely cares about the well-being of her people. Such as with most of the characters in the Star Wars universe, Amidala was no exception to having skeletons in her closets, more specifically an unknown marriage with Anakin aka Darth Vader.

What is so remarkable with this character, apart from her great abilities to lead and good-natured presence, is how she is able to see good in something that seems entirely bad. Despite Anakin becoming Darth Vader, an evil Sith Lord, she grasped on to hope that Anakin’s ‘good’ was still in him somewhere.

Lladro’s Queen Amidala stays true to the character. As first shown in the fantasy saga, she is wearing a gown in a striking red colour with gold-details, a sophisticated hairstyle and crown headpiece.

First shown under Comic-Con International in San Diego, this limited edition piece of Queen Amidala was made to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. A depiction of Queen Amidala in the attire many associate her with. Finished in matt white porcelain, with touches of glaze, enamels and golden lustre.


First introduced in “The Mandalorian”-series, Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda, was an immediate fan-favourite. Of the same species as Yoda and Yaddle, Grogu is shown to possess a lot of the same abilities as the Jedi Master, Yoda, himself.

In addition to being a character with great potential, it is no denying that Baby Yoda is popular for his adorable looks. Lladró delivers again with the newly-launched “Baby Yoda”, utilising several different decoration techniques, this piece is outstanding for its perfect resemblance of the infamous character.


One of the most popular Star Wars characters, Ahsoka Tano reappears in the second season of the successful series The Mandalorian™. The recreation of this character in porcelain exemplifies the high level of detail it is possible to achieve with this material. This is limited to 100 numbered units globally.


Finished in white matte porcelain with touches of glaze, golden and silver luster, the piece is decorated with the character’s signature colors. It depicts Princess Leia from Episode IV - A New Hope. Leia is holding the disc with the blueprints for the first Death Star.


Rey is the latest addition to the Born to Rebel collection inspired by icons from the Star Wars movie saga. Rey is the main character of the third trilogy and is based on a scene from Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker, in which Rey is holding a new lightsaber in her right hand with yellow light representing the future while, in her left hand, she holds Luke Skywalker’s broken lightsaber, representing the past.

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