Matt Black: Sophisticated Sculptures That Will Last A Lifetime

Change is constant in the design world. New trends emerge all the time, in hardware, decor, colours, finishes, style. The current trend is in matt black finishes.

Black has always been prominent in design, but now with matt black finishes in fashion (top luxury brands using matt black hardware), in kitchen and bathroom fixings, and even down to the car and motorcycle rims shows its growing popularity in every industry.

Matt treatments were first commonly used in the automotive industry, and the matt surface brought out the curves and shape of sports cars and luxury vehicles, as the matt surface creates more distinctive shadows. As only the design conscious were willing to invest in these treatments, it gave matt treatments a new level of urbanity. This perception has flowed into anything that is finished in matt black.

Lladró’s Venture Into Matt Black Sculptures

The brand has known and experimented in matt surfaces before, starting out with the traditional gres porcelain, and slowly started making pieces using matt white porcelain that is unglazed. This gave Lladró porcelain an edge over other ceramics as Lladró uses a high temperature single firing method with clays with finer particles. Porcelain is unique as it is the only ceramic material that is non-porous even when it is unglazed.

The inherent versatility ensures that an unglazed matt porcelain has exactly the same benefits as glazed porcelain. The density of porcelain makes it naturally stain and water resistant, ensuring that it’s easy to maintain for years to come.

Most importantly, porcelain doesn’t fade or change colour even when exposed to direct sunlight (especially in our Australian summers), even for extended periods of time. This is why time and time again clients keep coming back to Lladró for colourful items, as there’s nothing else that can pretty much look brand new in 50 years time or more. This is important especially for black pieces, as fading is much more visually obvious.

Here are a couple of Lladró's amazing matt black pieces:

1. Large limited edition sculptural piece of 3 horses in matt black:

2. A rare scene of a panther and her cub, walking in snow:

3. Toro bravo, symbol of masculinity and Spain:

4. The ever popular origami panther in matt black:

5. Matt black chandeliers - where else can you get these?

6. Walking on the Moon, a piece inspired by Sting’s pop song:

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