Mokuren Chandelier - DNA Paris Design Awards 2023

The Mokuren Chandelier by Lladró has won the Product Design award in the Furniture & Lighting category at the DNA Paris Design Awards 2023. Designed in collaboration with the renowned Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, Mokuren is inspired by the elegant form and white flowers of the magnolia tree.

 Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this chandelier, just as the purity of the metal lines are seamlessly fused with the delicacy of handcrafted porcelain flowers. Fukasawa has been inspired by the white magnolia tree, which symbolizes eternal bonds, and its striking beauty. All the flowers that compose the Mokuren Chandelier are handmade in Valencia, Spain. The warm light that filters through the translucent petals generates an enveloping illumination.


The DNA Paris Design Awards celebrate design, inventions and architectural innovation in various categories, presenting a mirror to the current trends and advancements around the world. The prize giving ceremony will take place in Paris on October 6th 2023 at the Space Niemeyer.

Here is our in depth article on the Mokuren Chandelier:


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