Personalising Lladró Pieces: Custom Made for Your Life Events

The art of gift-giving taken to a new level. A gift that is not only on a high quality but also personal and one-of-a-kind given to your loved ones and friends, or even yourself. It’s a unique piece that will mean so much more and be cherish forever.


A piece like Lladró's A Mother’s Love (right) can be customised with the face of your wife.

If you like any of the pieces that we have in-store or online but want to personalise it, do speak to our team. It could be as simple as personalising guest names or a family crest on existing Lladró items, but you could also request for unique colour combinations or finishes that may mean something important. Maybe an addition of a collar unique to your pet dog or cat. The possibilities are endless.

The process is simple and our team will assist you through it all. We will send updates and renders/mock-ups along the process.

As Lladró pieces are handmade, we would suggest that you plan for a longer lead time if the details you' would like customised are details that are more subjective to allocate time for the design process.  Don’t forget that your unique piece(s) has to be specially prepared by Lladró’s artisans in Spain to meet your customisation requests.

An exclusive special edition Firefly Hanging Lamp “HUICHOL” AT MAP was designed by Olga Hanono for the Arte/Sano ÷ Artists Biennial, organized by the Museum of Popular Art in Mexico Cityand displayed until February 2024.


Some special days need to be remembered for life: an engagement, a wedding, a birth of a child, or even a landmark birthday. You can take it to the next level by treating your friends and family to one-of-a-kind gifts. Wedding attendees can bring home a unique wedding favour to commemorate your big day. Your loved ones could be given a meaningful memento that uniquely signifies a unique phase of their life and signifies your special relationship with them.

From take-home candles to sculptures or keepsake boxes, the custom guest gift options are entirely endless (and can even be part of the decor!). Make your celebration the talk of the town and you can guarantee your nearest and dearest won’t throw these gifts after the festivities have died down.


Every home is a unique space holding unique energies of its dwellers. You can make your home more ‘you’ by including Lladró’s highly customisable lighting collection. Each lighting piece is made to order, and most lighting piece’s components can be customised to your desired finish. There is also a wide selection available from chandeliers of varying sizes to ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and cordless lamps.

Lladró’s’s presence at Casacor Bolivia involves a collaboration with Eurochronos and several local artists to create unique Panther Figurines to be sold at a charity auction.


Elaborate corporate customisation and creations can also be done as Lladró’s expertise in porcelain is unrivalled, having made porcelain commissions from Chanel, Baccarat, Extrem Puro Extremadura, and New York City, amongst other corporate clients.

NYCxDESIGN Awards presented by Interior Design magazine and ICFF includes a custom-coloured The Guest in metallic silver lustre with an orange base.

With the magic of colour, Lladró’s masters use over 4,000 different colours in their creations. Thanks to this wide range of colours, we are also able to match your corporate colours to perfection, and together with your needs, customise the creation or addition in not only the porcelain gift, but also the packaging. Each item will still be handmade and crafted with the same quality control and tests that certify that it fulfils the high standards of quality demanded by the brand.

Contact us at to discuss your needs and start your custom orders.

Lladró for Extrem Puro Extremadura – a limited quantity order of specialty serving trays now used to serve Jamon in partnering Michelin Star restaurants. It features a pig handle finished in golden lustre.


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