Porcelain Anniversary - A Guide to Traditional Anniversary Markers

You probably heard of silver and golden anniversaries, but what about tin, crystal or porcelain ones?

Gift-giving to mark anniversaries have been traced back as far as Ancient Rome or medieval Germany, but evidence of the rise of gift-giving became more common in the Victorian era – when people started to marry each other for the sake of love (previously, functional and arranged marriages were the norm). Initially there was only the silver (25th year) and golden (50th year) anniversaries, possibly borrowed from royal jubilee celebrations that mark anniversaries of royal rule.

The Standard Home Reference Library (1910) and Emily Post’s Etiquette: in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home (1922) expanded the list of anniversary markings to cover the gaps especially during the early years. The materials suggested provided a traditional thematic guideline for guests to provide gifts and may influence the party’s theme and decorations. Over time, this has also applied to not just weddings but also other anniversaries. The following is a breakdown of some of the interesting markers:




The first anniversary celebrates new beginnings and the still delicate nature of the relationship. Paper represents the blank canvas for a couple to fill and an astounding possibility of creation.

Lladró’s Rabbit Figurine (Origami) Coloured celebrates the ancient Japanese paper art of origami, where a simple piece of paper be transformed into beautiful figures. It so happens to also be the Year of the Rabbit this year.


(7TH - US; 9TH - UK)

Copper is a great insulator, symbolizing heat, warmth and stability of passing the elusive seven-year itch. It is also a timeless material that ages well in homes. Like a shiny new penny, it signifies luck and good fortune for a long and healthy relationship to come.

The metallic copper lustre of the shell of Lladró’s Sea Turtle I (White - Copper) Sculpture contrasts with the detailed white gloss porcelain of an ancient turtle.



The intricate and sensual material signifies the complexity of marriage. Working with delicate materials require time and dedication from both parties to make it work and last.

Like regular lace, the ornamentation on Lladró’s Lace Dome Table Lamp is skilfully hand-crafted motif by motif. The translucent nature of porcelain also allows the patterns to come to live when litted inside with a rechargeable LED kit.



In many cultures, ivory is seen as a symbol of status and opulence. Sourced from majestic elephants, renowned for their wisdom, long life and loyalty, ivory is a symbol of a tenacious relationship.

Unlike having to deal with the ethical dilemma of owning actual ivory, Lladró’s Leading the Way White Elephant Sculpture is an emotional piece that is easy on your conscience.



After two decades, a relationship has become a thing a beauty that has stood the test of time. Like porcelain fired in a hot kiln, a relationship that survived challenges becomes stronger and more valuable.

A classic Lladró piece in their signature pastel colours and much detail of the fingers, You’re Everything to Me Couple Figurine is a true celebration of a lasting marriage.



Silver hardly needs any introduction as a valuable metal, and is a well-known anniversary marker of a long relationship.

Lladró’s Horse on Courbette Figurine (Bookend) Silver Lustre will be a great addition to your bookshelves and features a strong Andalusian horse with intricate silver lustre detailing on the saddle.



This beautiful gemstone is believed to be endowed with sacred properties, and is the symbol of happiness, modesty, wisdom and immortality.

Anniversary gifts are not just for the woman; Lladró’s Panther Figurine – Coral Matte is a strong masculine piece that adds warmth and energy to spaces.



Rubies are lustrous and deeply red stones that has come to present nobility, purity, and passion. Because the ruby’s hue is similar to blood carrying oxygen throughout our bodies, it also represents vigour and vitality.

In their 1001 Nights Candle Collection, Lladró mixes a tiny amount of gold into their red pigments to give them a radiating sheen like rubies.



Finally, the epitome of celebrations – the golden anniversary. Known as the precious metal that retains it value the best and not be tarnished, crumble or discolour easily, it is an appropriate marker for a 50th anniversaries. It is also universally associated with the sun – the highest stage in spiritual development.

Lladró’s Niagara Chandelier 1.35m Golden Lustre is a pinnacle of porcelain design that is sure to be the centrepiece for your home, with matt white porcelain faeries (151 total in this size) finished in golden lustre to emphasize the sense of magic.

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