Porcelain Diffusers: Works of Art That Doubles Up as A Natural Diffuser

We love a great candle as much as the next person, but diffusers - especially natural ones - are just the best thing ever to add into our home, considering how much time we are spending at home recently. It’s so easy how we can set it down and leave it for a month or so (or until the scent dissipates) to add a little freshness into the room.

There are plenty of ways to keep your home smelling fresh, but some methods are longer lasting and safer than others. The newest trends are porcelain diffusers, and for good reason. Many of the electrical and steam diffusers are dangerous and overbearing at times, so many now turn to the delicate scents dispersed from a porcelain diffuser. As it doesn’t need to be plugged in, you can place it anywhere - on a fireplace, on your coffee table or bedside table, without needing to think about where the electric socket is.

Porcelain diffusers function optimally to the humidity of the room. The perfume liquid is stored in the porcelain and slowly dissipates into the air. With higher humidity environments, less scent is dispersed into the space, and when its dryer in winter, more of the perfume evaporates into the air. This self regulating mechanism is great to ensure that the scent is not sickeningly strong, or too light, to ensure the right levels of scent is dispersed into the air.


Consider these Lladró diffusers money savers as the each lasts for 2-3 months (dependent on the humidity of the space), and the refills are extremely affordable, and are stain and oil free. The next time you want to refresh your home or buy a chic gift, these are the best not just for the aromatherapy benefits, but are a fun decor item to add to your home.

All of Lladró’s porcelain diffusers work the same way. You simply need to pour the essential oil provided onto the top part of the base, and these unique diffusers will perfume your home with the greatest of fragrances.


From left to right: FerocactusAstrophytum CactusOpuntia Cactus diffusers.

The Cactus collection comprises of three different types of cactuses and three fragrances for you to choose from. Each cactus also features a flower, one that is naturally found on that cactus in the wild.

Tropical Blossoms: a floral perfume with Italian mandarin and Frangipani with the tropical fragrance of Benzoin (balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax).

Night Approaches: a floral perfume infused with luxury ingredients such as bamboo, cassis, jasmine and fine woods.

Gardens of Valencia: a fruity perfume infused with hints of bergamot, tuberose and vanilla.

Each comes with 200ml of essential oil which will last more than 2 months. Its formulation includes up to 29% perfume. Refills can also be purchased for when they run out!


For those who prefer a more minimalistic or glamorous option, the Boletus Diffusers are modelled after the Boletus mushroom family. The luxurious elegant design adds visual flair with the 24-karat gold lustre that decorates its cap.

Clockwise from top: Boletus 2Boletus 1Boletus 3.

Each piece comes with its own scent:

Boletus 1 diffuser comes with On the Prairie fragrance: includes very special ingredients like blackcurrant, lotus flower and frankincense. It represents the magic of the night and the full moon.

Boletus 2 diffuser comes with Night Approaches fragrance: a fruity aroma with notes of bergamot, tuberose, sandalwood and musk that transports us to summer nights under the moonlight.

Boletus 3 diffuser comes with Gardens of Valencia fragrance: a fresh essence of bergamot, basil, thyme and vetiver. A fragrant stroll through a forest full of flowers and aromatic herbs."

Each comes with 200ml of essential oil which will last more than 2 months. Its formulation includes up to 29% perfume. Refills can also be purchased for when they run out!

Lladró does make oil reed diffusers as well - click here to find out more.


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