Sculpting Love: A Father’s Day Gift Compendium

As the calendar inches closer to Father's Day, the delightful yet puzzling task of uncovering the perfect gift for the paternal figure in your life comes into view. The pursuit of a fitting present often takes on a uniquely intricate quality when it comes to the gentlemen we hold dear. The customary standbys – the ties, the colognes, the predictable accessories – have run their course, leaving room for a more imaginative approach. Step away from convention and delve into our handpicked compendium of exceptional Father's Day gift recommendations.

We also provide complimentary gift wrapping - if you purchase multiple items and want only one or two gift wrapped, do specify upon check-out!


Show the father-figure in your life how much you appreciate all that he has done for you and the family with these figurines of fathers.

Lladró's Paternal Protection Figurine (left) & I Love You Dad Figurine (right).


Home offices are getting jazzed up with the newest ergonomic accessories, but actually, it is also important for the home office to feel motivating and aesthetically pleasing. Since he spends so much more time in this space and needs to find inspiration to be productive, it’s good to have pieces that add some flair into the space, but also a piece that stylistically mixes well in the space. After all, the best presents are the items you really love that you never buy for yourself.

Lladró's Horses Group Sculpture Limited Edition (left) & The Guest Figurine Dark Blue Small (right).
Lladró's Nightbloom Floor Lamp White (left) & Boletus Collection (right).


Everyday essentials like an espresso cup, cordless functional lamps or bookends can elevate any space, especially with the amount of time spent at home now.

Lladró's Logos Espresso Cup (left) & Ice Cream Cordless Lamp (right).
Lladró's Horse Bookends (left) & Turquoise Spire Candle 1001 Nights (right).
Lladró's The Clown Table Lamp by Jaime Hayon (left) & Macaw Bird Vase Red (right).

This Father's Day, honour the extraordinary fathers in your life with Lladró's timeless creations, each capturing the essence of the Macaw's symbolism and the cherished virtues they embody. This extravagant piece is not for the wallflower father, this piece is for the flamboyant father who wants to stand out among the rest. Do you know what the macaw represents? Read here to find out..


The Greek civilisation has had a massive influence in the world over the past centuries. It’s prevalent in a multitude of areas such as medicine, sexuality, astronomy, language, religion, astrology, and psychology have been considerably changed and influenced by Greek culture and mythology. The relevance and influences of Greek mythology as well as the lessons told using stories are among the reasons why the Greek sculptures of Lladró remain popular. Their beautiful forms add visual interest to each space seamlessly and look great even on its own as a statement piece.

Depicted effortlessly holding up the heavens, Lladró's Atlas Sculpture is truly a representation of fathers' sacrifices everywhere.
Lladró's exquisitely balanced Icarus Sculpture (left), and Hermes Sculpture (right) where he is depicted tying on his fabled winged sandals, both decorated with 24K golden lustre.
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