Simple But Significant Designs: Designer Duo Clare Page and Harry Richardson's Take On Lladró Porcelain

We’ve had so many people walk into the store, and was surprised at the range of styles and sculptures that we offer. They’ll then proceed to tell us that what comes up when they think of porcelain is probably what existed 30-40 years ago, that what they see in front of them is not what they would expect without seeing it in person.

Designer husband and wife Harry Richardson and Clare Page. Photo credit: Petr Krejci, photographed for “21 Designeds for 21st Century Britain" by Gareth Williams, published by the V&A. 

It’s this very perception that Committee Studio, comprising of Clare Page and Harry Richardson, set out to change. Lladró had already started their Re-Cyclos project and had the likes of Bodo Sperlein and Jaime Hayon spin their magic in porcelain, but Clare and Harry came on board with their own take. The design duo studied Fine Art at Liverpool Art School, and then went on to start Committee Studio in 2004. Their ethos is to challenge people’s preconceived ideas of what products look like, to recreate interest in them in a contemporary way that still respects its heritage or function.

The British designers selected a few pieces from the Lladró catalogue and recreated them with a special, modern twist. Let’s look at the pieces they’ve re-designed.

Love Sculptures

Love I Sculpture

The addition is simple, but symbolic and significant. It is visually stunning and communicates love in a contemporary manner that resonates in any culture. It is still Committee Studio’s best selling collection, and you can see why it is so.

Love II Sculpture continues to blossom their love further.

A Touch of Gold

The monkey plays with gold flowers on a black rock, a subtle design change from the original on turquoise rock

These two pieces look completely different with one addition - adding a 24kt yellow gold lustre to highlight parts of the piece. This unexpected addition changes the piece completely, breaking up the otherwise glazed finish with another texture, and level of shine. The flow of the gold is unmistakably luxurious and catches the light beautifully, showing of Lladró’s technical know-how.

Lladró uses a 24k yellow gold lustre on this piece

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