Team Favourites: Our 6 Favourite Christmas Picks

Every year it seems to get harder and harder to keep finding new and interesting ways to spice up our family Christmases. Yes, we love our special traditions passed down through the family, but it’s important to freshen things up and grow so we can truly cherish and remember our Christmas memories instead of them all blurring together. Discover the Lladró Sydney team’s favourite Christmas picks to invigorate your festive season.

Lladró’s Silent Night Nativity Set

1. Silent Night Nativity Set

The perfect set to decorate your mantlepiece or dining table and fill your home with the Christmas spirit. Lladró’s Silent Night Nativity Set shows one of the most important and heart-warming moments in Christianity, the Birth of Jesus. Baby Jesus is shown cradled and surrounded by his mother the Virgin Mary and Joseph lovingly watching over him. With two variations of classic coloured porcelain and white with gold lustre. We love the intimacy of this piece and the tangible love you can feel from both Mary and Joseph.

2 & 3. The Nutcracker and Ballerina Ornaments Set

Lladró’s Nutcracker and Ballerina Christmas Ornaments.

Is there a more classic story that captures the wonder of Christmas than Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker? Almost every generation has grown up seeing or reading some version of The Nutcracker, whether it’s the original ballet, the book by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann or the animated Barbie movie. The Nutcracker ignites that sense of childhood warmth and excitement for the festive season, Lladró’s Nutcracker and Ballerina Ornaments allow one of our favourite stories to be part of the festivities as adorable porcelain Christmas ornaments in simple matt white porcelain and gold lustre. Discover the magic of Lladró’s signature gold lustre.

Lladró’s Christus Figurine (Right) in matt porcelain.


4. Christus Figurine

Combining modern and classic seamlessly, Lladró’s Christus Figurine in matt porcelain is majestic yet understated and wonderfully subtle. In classic Lladró fashion, no detail has been spared even with this relatively simple piece, if you look close you can see the scar along Christ’s rib where the spear of Longinus pierced him. You might ask why this piece has made our list? We love this piece because of how simple and understated it is, regardless of your beliefs this piece makes you stop and appreciate Christ’s message of kindness and acceptance. See our full range of pieces inspired by Christianity.

5. SnowFlakes Dome Lamp

An all-time favourite for both Lladró customers and team at Lladró Sydney, the cordless LED dome lamps are a must-have any time of the year. The Snowflakes Dome Lamp radiates the cozy intimacy of the festive season with its soft warm light, delicately etched snowflakes and rich golden lustre, you can imagine being curled up in a comfy chair beside it as you wrap last-minute presents on Christmas Eve. We love how simple yet sophisticated and versatile this lamp is no matter the season. See our full range of cordless porcelain lamps.

Lladró’s Snowflakes Dome Lamp with gold lustre.

6. Matrioskas Christmas Ornaments

Lladró’s Matriokska Christmas Ornaments aren’t your typical Christmas decorations that add a playful and original touch to your tree. Inspired Russian Matrioska dolls or ‘nesting dolls’ that feature multiple layers of small dolls within each other and are frequently decorated in exquisite detail. These dolls are not just an adorable gift but what makes them perfect for Christmas is their link to family. What few people know is that these dolls have a deeper meaning to them, representing the bond between mother and her child and the continuation of family legacy through the generations. How do subtle touches of gold lustre enrich Lladró’s pieces?

Lladró’s Matriokska Christmas Ornaments


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