The Lladró Pantheon: Greek Gods Brought to Life

Lladró has always had a fascination for exploring the religion and myths of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. In recent years, Lladró has focused its attention on Greek Mythology and the myths that have shaped much of our culture today. Whether you’re a history buff or just appreciate a good story Lladró’s ever-expanding collection of Greek deities and heroic figures has something for you. Discover why we still love Greek myths today.

Cupid Figurine depicted with a charming mischievous grin (left). Lladró’s Atlas Sculpture in matt white porcelain and gold metallic lustre (middle). Lladró’s Icarus Sculpture with gold rope that accentuates his tension (right).


A representation of the playful and sincere side of love, Cupid is a character whose mythology is deeper than he appears. This piece is a departure from the chubby baby we are so used to, this one has a distinctly more cheerful and mischievous presence. With touches of Lladró’s signature gold lustre and iridescent finish on the drapery around eyes and body. Learn more about Cupid and his many iterations.


The ultimate symbol of strength and endurance, Atlas is seen here bearing his signature cosmos above him. This refreshing take on the God Atlas maintains a balance between subtle and dramatic, with the gold lustre being tastefully used to direct the eye and accentuate the details of the piece. The sphere itself is richly engraved with astronomical markings and shimmering metallic gold lustre.
Discover the rich history behind the piece.


When you think of Greek mythology, the tragic fall of Icarus is the quintessential tale that’s lessons are still relevant today. Hope, ambition and balance are some of the major themes we take from Icarus’s fateful flight, Lladró’s Icarus Sculpture makes these thems tangible and real. The tension of his muscles and his composition makes you feel Icarus’s drive to reach his goal and the hope that he will. It perfectly captures the character’s first moments of freedom and feeling of limitlessness. Learn why the tragic story of Icarus is so important to us now.

Lladró’s Gondola of Love, each flower is handmade petal by petal, read more here.


The personification of adult, romantic and sexual love. Like love, Venus and her Greek counterpart Aphrodite are complex and multifaceted characters with one of the richest histories. Many of Lladró’s pieces draw inspiration from her mythology and iconography. Lladró’s Gondola of Love depicts the goddess seated in a luxurious gondola, surrounded by bouquets of handmade flowers and two adorable cupids. The two cupids serve to highlight the different forms of love the Ancient Greeks believed in, representing innocent love and Venus in contrast as mature adult love. Discover more about Venus and what she embodies.


Multitasking master and famous underdog, Lladró’s Hermes Sculpture exhibits all the determination and athleticism we associate with the god of journeys, diplomacy, athletes and much more. As with all the pieces of the Myths Collection, Lladró uses their 24k gold lustre to draw the eye to each god’s signature item like cupid’s bow, atlas’s sphere, Icarus’s wings and Hermes’s winged sandals. The gold lustre also serves to subtly highlight the details of each figure such as their stance and attention to their anatomy, something that the ancient greeks loved to show in their sculptures. Discover why nudity was so central to Greek art.

Read more about Hermes here.

Lladró’s Hermes Sculpture is the most recent addition to their pantheon of Greek mythological figures.

Part of why we love the myths and figures of ancient Greece is their relatability, even though they have accomplished great deeds or are mighty gods, their fallible nature makes them easy to connect with. Lladró’s collection of Greek Gods captures their essence and builds on their mythos.

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