Unique Presents for Him: 15 Gifts for Men He'll Definitely Want

It’s much harder hunting down a gift for the men in your life, especially if he is one of those people who already have everything they want, How do you even start looking for a gift? We provide some potential ideas for you - from essentials, to office furnishings, to larger symbolic pieces.

We also provide complimentary gift wrapping - if you purchase multiple items and want only one or two gifts wrapped, do specify upon check-out!



Home offices are getting jazzed up with the newest ergonomic accessories, but actually, it is also important for the home office to feel motivating and aesthetically pleasing. Since he spends so much more time in this space and needs to find inspiration to be productive, it’s good to have pieces that add some flair to the space, but also a piece that stylistically mixes well in the space. After all, the best presents are the items you really love that you never buy for yourself.



 Lladró's Gorilla Sculpture (left), & African Savannah White Animals White (right).


 Lladró's Panther Figurine Matt Black (left), and Courting Cranes Blue Gold Limited Edition (right).


Lladró's Nightbloom Floor Lamp (left), & Spanish Bull Figurine (right).



Everyday essentials like an espresso cup, cordless functional lamps or bookends can elevate any space, especially as people continue to spend more time at home post-covid.

Lladró's Logos Espresso Cup (left), & Palm Firefly Cordless Table Lamps (White, and Black-White) (right).


Lladró's Horse Bookends (left), & Sake Cups (Hitoiki) (right).


Lladró's The Clown Table Lamp by Jamie Hayon (left), & Chinese Dragon Sake Cups (right).

Porcelain is perfect to soften the flavour of sake. The smoothness of a fine porcelain brings something different to the table, and with the two sake cups above, the lower right Dragon sake cup with red interior are in the ochoko style, a bud-shaped glass that helps trap the fragrance of the sake inside the glass. This style is traditionally used for aged sake. The Hitoiki sake cup on the bottom left is a horn-type cup that enhances and accentuates the bouquet of the sake. This is traditionally used to serve daiginjo sake, as connoisseurs prize daiginjo fragrance in the evaluation of the quality of the sake.


The Greek civilisation has had a massive influence in the world over the past centuries. It’s prevalent in a multitude of areas such as medicine, sexuality, astronomy, language, religion, astrology, and psychology have been considerably changed and influenced by Greek culture and mythology. The relevance and influences of Greek mythology as well as the lessons told using stories are among the reasons why the Greek sculptures of Lladro remain popular. Their beautiful forms add visual interest to each space seamlessly and look great even on its own as a statement piece.


Lladró's Imaginatio Angel Figurine (left), &  Protective Angel Figurine (right).


Lladró's Icarus Sculpture.
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