Unpacking Your Lladró: How The Brand Safely Transports Pieces From Valencia To Around The World

Lladró has a range of porcelain figurines is varied and extensive, so its only natural that the boxes they are packed in follow suit. In order to ensure the security and safety of the porcelain, each figurine’s packaging is specific to it and can change depending on the size and features of the sculpture. Lladro uses foam, cardboard and occasionally wooden reinforcements to securely pack a piece. There are a few different sizes of boxes ranging from very small, in the case of jewellery and small figurines to the very large. For our purposes, we have broken down the larger and more elaborate sculptures into four major categories.

Small Blue Boxes

Generally, Lladró’s small to medium figurines will come packaged in a light teal box with fabric-like woven texture around it, like the one pictured on the right. Some, may come as you see with specific cut outs in cardboard for the individual pieces to slot into, whilst other’s may have foam on both the base and lid to protect delicate features such as flowers.

When unpacking these boxes, slide the lid; indicated by the Lladró logo printed on the top off, there may be cardboard pieces slotted into specific positions in order to keep the piece in place. It is a good idea to keep a note or take a picture before removing these of where they are as it may be important for future use. Before taking the piece out, check that all the components are present and in good condition, particularly flowers. If all is in order, gently pull out the piece or pieces and check for the warranty which is in a small black envelope and care instructions.

There are a few variations of packaging when it comes to this size box, it is also common for the piece to come sandwiched between foam specifically moulded to the piece. Once again, take care when removing the piece and keep a note of where everything inside was placed.

Medium Blue Boxes

Many of Lladro’s medium to larger sized pieces come packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a smooth texture, similar in colour to its smaller counterpart. However, no two boxes are the same, most of them will have foam layers to cushion and protect the piece. Each box is given a drop test to ensure the integrity of the packaging during transport so it is unlikely that your piece will damaged whilst in transit.

Note the indents in the foam, specific to the figurine.

Unpack the piece by simply opening the top of the box and checking for the warranty. You’ll notice there is a foam layer on the top, protecting the piece. Remove the foam and check that the piece is in good condition before removing it from its box. It is a good idea to hold onto your Lladró packaging as each box is designed to fix a specific piece and protect its more delicate points.

Large White Boxes

Most of Lladró’s larger figurines are packed in a larger white box with the Lladro logo and markings to tell which is the right side up. Like with the blue boxes, there will be a layer of foam to cushion the piece. Some of these pieces may come with instructions on how to remove the piece if it is a particularly complicated or delicate unpacking process.

Like with all pieces it is important to take your time and not to force anything. Some of the larger pieces may be a good deal lighter or heavier than you might expect or than they might look so take care when lifting and removing them.

Limited Edition Boxes

Lladro’s range of limited edition sculptures and high porcelain pieces often have many fragile and intricate features and components. As such the boxes they come in generally have more heavy duty inside the box. From the outside the box is the same white with the Lladró label however, many of the pieces will have a a frame and platform made specifically for the piece as to keep it from moving. Once you’ve opened the top of the box you will see stuck to underside of the lid flaps is the warranty in a black envelope, a certificate of its limited edition status and instructions on how to safely and care fully remove your piece.

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