Why Is Jamie Hayon’s ‘Embraced’ A Collectable?

Do you love yourself? Yes you. Do you truly and whole-heartily love yourself? A question which almost sounds foolish perhaps even imbecilic, but truthfully, how many of us can say that we do?  In today's society, mental health is a severe problem - with suicide being the leading cause of death for Australians between the age of 15 and 44 years old. In a time where the mental health crisis is becoming a global concern, self-love and self-care has never been so crucial for humanity. 

This is the premise of which Jamie Hayon created Embraced

The collectible Lladró Embraced limited edition piece. Only 250 numbered pieces are made (left).

The Spanish designer always had a knack for designing pieces relevant to the current narrative in society. Hayon’s meanings behind the pieces are always evolving due to society constantly and rapidly changing. Ten years after creating The Guest, Embraced was created to speak of the current social issue we are struggling with as a society. It is a similar train of thought, but they are at the same time, so very different. How? 

The Guest reflects the global events of a decade ago, in terms of its faceless appearance and its distinctiveness. It marks the modern interpretation of self. It is a piece which does not conform to anything therefore making it its own individual. The Guest is not female nor male, it is not quite human or animal either. Although it may not have a striking design externally, its blank canvas represents its message to perfection. The Guest is a piece which celebrates individuality and self expression.

However, the challenges we’ve had as a society when The Guest was created has now largely been acknowledged and is on its way to being embedded in society. What is the largest social issue of this time? 


Embraced is not only a piece that signifies a mindset of self love but a perfect reminder of self love and self care. It is a universal and a truly timeless practice. In the words of the artist, “it represents to perfection the idea of looking after yourself”. Instead of trying to rebuild ourselves and start from a blank canvas, society has to instead learn to embrace their authentic selves and also care for one another. Embraced may trigger an emotional response for people as it is essentially an answer to their problems which provides them with a strong feeling of reassurance.

Lladró’s Embraced in yellow (left) and pink (right).

Why is Embraced so collectable?

  • Embraced is a timeless piece due to its unique design and contemporary appearance. 
  • There is a limited edition version of Embraced which is limited to only 250 pieces making the particular piece extremely rare. 
  • Jaime Hayon is a renowned Spanish artist-designer, he is in the Time’s magazine list of the hundred most notable creators of our time.
  • Its popularity shows that its relevance within society is very high.

Embraced is a very special piece that the buyer will hold dearly, emotionally. It doesn't exclude in terms of its relevance, it is a beautiful diverse piece for everyone to enjoy as the message it conveys is universal. 

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