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Lamassu Sculpture. Limited Edition

Lamassu Sculpture. Limited Edition

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Limited edition porcelain sculpture of Lamassu, a hybrid creature with the body of a bull, head of a man and wings of an eagle in gold lustre.

The striking presence of mythological beings flanking the Ishtar Gate at the walls of Babylon inspired the artists of the Lladró High Porcelain workshop in this powerful sculpture, richly decorated with golds, lustres and a vast wealth of colours and textures. Lamassu is the name of the winged bulls with human heads guarding the entrance to the royal palaces of the ancient Neo-Assyrian empire. With their imposing presence on both sides of the door, they symbolised the supernatural powers of kings, drove away evil and attracted good fortune. Each of the elements of this mythological creature is reproduced with great artistry in this limited edition: the wild bull of Mesopotamia hunted by kings, the eagle representing the monarch contemplating his subjects, and the human brow crowned as an allusion to his intelligence and divinity. In the embellishment of the piece, blue tones are highlighted, with turquoise reminiscent of lapis lazuli and gold as a symbol of wealth, all applied with great precision by hand. New lustres are combined in cobalt blue and brown, in addition to a combination of matte, gloss and satin finishes.

Lladró is the leader in luxury porcelain since 1953 and have developed proprietary processes that resulted in a wide range of products and styles that is unparalleled in the world of porcelain. The brand still makes every piece in their workshop in Valencia, Spain.


Brand: Lladró

Reference: 01001946

Height (cm): 74

Width (cm): 53

Length (cm): 27

Finish: Matt and silver lustre

Limited Edition: 750

Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón

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